There are two kinds of people in this world. People who wipe their butts standing up, and those who wipe their butts sitting down. And whichever one you are, you can’t believe the other even exists!

Our bowel habits are hardly something to be discussed. But depending on which of the above habits applies to you, it could say a lot about your personality…


Sitters Vs. Standers

Sitters – If you’re a person who prefers keeping their bum to the pan when, uh, cleaning up, then it suggests you are a tidy person, very organised, and punctual. It also suggests you can be a little opinionated (we don’t know why…) and you’re usually a damn good laugh with a strong personality. Or it might just been you’re too lazy to stand.

Standers – Those of you who stand, might be more carefree than the sitters. You are more likely to take risks and can come across a little goofy in a fun loving way. You’re pretty un-organised and don’t tend to plan ahead, but people usually like that about you because you can be pretty spontaneous!

So, which of these do you identify as? And are the descriptions accurate or not?