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Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond

This is a group for people who have a passion and talent for journalism, to come together, share ideas and get your work published. The group admins have a network of publications/websites which allow journalists to gain exposure, reaching hundreds of thousand and in some cases, millions of people. Many of our network contributors have gone on to secure life-changing careers with the likes of ITV, BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and the Guardian. Our main publications/websites available for people to pitch for are: We often have opportunities to interview celebrities. This opportunity will only be made available to the reliable and regular contributors. By creating this group, we aim to build a community of aspiring journalists who can share ideas, develop skills and make it easier for you to progress in your career.
Travel Pocket Guide
Travel Pocket Guide2 days ago
Let's welcome our new members:
Mollie Millington,
Brad Smith,
Denys Chernyshkov,
Praneet Thakur,
Said Sahara Desierto,
Carmen Richardse,
Blake Fox,
Audrey Klimus,
Raj Paul,
M Valikhajar,
Amit Pandey,
Dorota Smith,
Lara Lorenzi,
Charlotte Anne de Peralta,
Javed Iqbal,
Aapno Ghar,
Sirjan Dhungana,
Georgia Sewell,
Sam Davies,
Chiara Kika Assi,
Nino Trentinella,
Ralph Rafol,
Niryogvana Gurung,
John Tuttle,
Gevorg Avetisyan,
Dayron Mayo Gallo,
Priyadarshini Rajendran,
Zie O. Shiraz,
Radii Street Wear,
Vân Bùi,
Lasola Elal,
Michal Michael Lastowski,
Hayley Hyde,
Tyler Donaldson,
Tria Narte,
Floby Carrasco-Villaralvo,
Shayne D Souza,
Cheryl Curtis,
Angela Young Man,
Rounick Sarkar,
Emmanuela Petrarolo,
Satha YG,
Avirup Chakraborty,
Dee Hajal,
Elena Stojkovska,
Kevin Truong,
BloodSthene DanceHall,
Robert Nachum,
Chidinma Chydiva Precious,
Alistair Banerjee,
Ashish Prabhu,
Jimi Ade
Travel Pocket Guide
Travel Pocket Guide4 weeks ago
Is anyone interested in submitting articles for our TRAVEL website?
Georgia Sewell
Georgia Sewell shared a link to the group: Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond.3 days ago
Travel Pocket Guide
Travel Pocket Guide shared a link to the group: Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond.3 weeks ago
Travel Blogs Wanted:
To appear on our website/magazine!
Submit your articles here 👇👇👇 ❄️🌴🍷🦐🐬🌞🌼🌍✈️🗽🗿🗻🛤
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Here’s why... 📽🎞🎬🍿🎪🤹🏻‍♂️🎭🎟📝
Becky Shannon Farrar
Becky Shannon Farrar shared a link to the group: Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond.1 week ago
What I got up to in Italy 🇮🇹👯‍♀️💃🏻🍾🤳🏻☀️👒🕶✈️🌺🍕