The Student Pocket Guide | Dick VS Dom Quick-Fire Interview

Name: Dick AKA Richard McCourt  Age: 29  Occupation: DICK

Name: Dominic Wood AKA Dom  Age: 27  Occupation: TWAT

Dick n Dom backstage

Are you scared of spiders?

Dick: No

Dom: No

Do you own a pink t-shirt?    

Dick: No

Dom: Yes

What’s the last DVD you watched?

Dick: Double Decker

Dom: Erm, er… It was a nature DVD, very natured!

What’s your favourite drink?

Dick: Ale

Dom: Champagne

How long does it take to do your hair?

Dick: 2 seconds

Dom: 5 seconds

What car do you drive?

Dick: Volkswagon Golf

Dom: Mini Copper S

Have you ever used a sun bed?

Dick: Yes

Dom: Yes

Ever done a bungee jump?

Dick: No

Dom: No

What was your job before you was a presenter?

Dick: I worked at the Disney Store… Like a twat!

Dom: I worked in a joke shop

What song do you sing at a karaoke?

Dick: Mustang Sally

Dom: I cant sing karaoke… It makes me wanna pull my arse hairs out!

What’s the naughtiest thing you did at school?

Dick: Jumped into the swimming pool and my shorts fell off

Dom: Pulled my arse hairs out!

Dick n Dom DJing at SPG student night!