The Student Pocket Guide | Timmy Mallett Interview

What was your previous job before appearing on T.V?
My first job as a student was selling brushes door to door!  I was also a gardener, wrote a bit and was a star radio DJ!

How did you get your real break?
I was Roland Rat’s replacement on TVam! Then Andrew Lloyd Webber asked me to record Itsy Bitsy…

What’s your favorite TV memory?
Bashing the Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher with the Mallet – shouting BLAH! At the Blair’s and meeting Bubbles the chimp!

What’s your most embarrassing?
Noel Edmonds gotcha

What’s the best thing about being Timmy Mallett?
I can be loud, colourful, happy and Utterly Brilliant – and it’s my job!

Have you ever used your mallet in a rage of anger or just to shut up an annoying kid on your show?
I don’t get angry – I get even…

If you could hit someone with a real mallet who would it be?
You’re missing the point. The Mallet is soft and fun.

TV shows are starting to repeat themselves now with the likes Bullseye and The Price is Right. Do you think Mallett’s Mallet will ever return?
Who knows?

What’s your party trick?
I can touch my nose with my tongue.

So Timmy what else have you been up to?
This week I went to France on a footy weekend. We lost 5-4 and did the dead fly every time a goal went in! I’ve been on 15 Radio stations promoting recycling, traveled 1000 miles doing gigs, called in at Warwick University to see my old uni and record a radio show. Painted a picture with a famous artist mate of mine; voiced a cartoon character for a new animation, and been in a cat and mouse car chase for Vroom Vroom on telly! Next week I expect it will be something completely different…

Do you have any celebrity friends you regularly hang out with?
Lots. But name dropping is not cool. Suffice to say I am friends with the utterly famous and have met anyone you can think of.

Tell us a secret about yourself…
It’s a secret silly – can’t tell you that!

Do you own a hoody?
I love hoodies – got lots

What car do you drive?
It’s blue, and has a hands free thingy. Don’t know it’s make but I used to drive a black taxi and would put the For Hire light on that was BRILLIANT!

Where is the most deserted place you have ever been recognised?
On top of Ayres Rock

Who is your hero?
Homer Simpson of course!

Do you ever sit in the pub and talk about the good ol days of Wackaday?
In the pub I talk about the footy, or last night’s telly or the Sugar Babes or who’s round is next… I talk about Wacaday on my website

Marmite, love it or hate it?
LOVE IT – especially the squeezy bottle! Mrs Mallett eats Vegemite but it’s MUCK!