The Student Pocket Guide | Lisa Pin-Up Interview

Lisa, you have been rocking the dance floor since 1995, what’s been your highlight?
Every weekend is a highlight to me. I have been so lucky to have played some amazing parties over the years and can’t wait to see all the wonderful clubbers every week.

How did you get your foot in the door?
There was no major step that pushed me into the music industry, it was a gradual progression from being a mad clubber who just could not get enough of the dance scene, to buying 12″ vinyl before ever dreaming of being a dj as I loved my tunes. I saw the dj behind the decks and I thought I wanted to be a part of that, thinking it would bring me closer to the club scene. So I bought some decks just to muck around with at home. I am on a whole a very obsessive person and would practice for hours on end on my new decks to the point that it would give me a migraine and I had to go to bed from concentrating so much! Because I just loved going out clubbing so much I would go to the same clubs week in week out, being the first to arrive and the last one to leave the dance floor. Because of this I got to know the people that put on the parties becoming a familiar face at their clubs. When I finally made a mix I passed it onto to them and luckily a club called Pushca liked it and booked me for their events.

Lisa Pin-Up

Rumour has it that you’re playing in Canada, California, Ibiza, Cyprus and Australia this year…how do you compare playing abroad to the UK?
I would like to say you can’t beat a UK crowd as they are just so fabulous, but I find all clubbers all around the world are just as much fun, think it is my style of music that attracts the party people out there! Also when playing abroad they are very appreciative of the fact that you have taken time to travel all the way over seas to see them.

Have you ever lost your tunes whilst travelling?
The last time I dj’ed in America I was a bit drunk getting on the plane as I had been partying all night, and left my C.D’s at the airport bar while I ordered more drinks. The worse bit was that it was a connecting flight home and I did not realise I had not got them until nearly all the way home, and I could not remember where I had left them. I did not know if it was at the hotel, two airports or on the plane, so I had to try everywhere to track them down.

How did you manage without them?
Luckily I make a copy of every tune that I play.

What else have you got planned for 2006?
To just carry on partying! I have been djing now for a very long time and still can’t believe what amazing things I get up to. You can catch up on everything that I do on my news letters, posted on my web site

You must have very hectic weekends; could you give us a timetabled example?
Well next bank holiday so far it looks like I am at the Isle of Wight on the Thursday, Scotland on the Friday, Creamfields, Bristol, Oxford and London on the Saturday and Weston Super Mare on the Monday, but this is quite a hectic one for me.

Lisa Pin-Up

Where’s the best place you have ever played?
I am so lucky that I have played so many amazing gigs that it is cruel to single any one out. Ones that stick in my mind just because of the vibe I was on at the time and the feeling of rushing on my own adrenalin were, Creamfields in Ireland, I have never seen a more bunch of nutty clubber enjoy themselves so much. Frantic @ Brixton academy, mainly a band venue, the decks are situated on the stage and you just look out at the hundreds of clubbers, not for the shy dj as you are on show for everyone to see. And also when all the tidy girls played together at one of the tidy weekenders, the moment was just magic.

How do you think the dance scene has changed in the past 5 yrs?
The only thing that has changed for me is that I have come to see a few more new faces on the scene, other than that it is still as banging and as much fun as ever!

Do you think there needs to be more girl djs?
It would be nice but there are a few more around from when I first started and hopefully some more have just bought their first decks and have caught the bug, and will be around spinning soon.

Do you think record sales are slumping and that mp3 is the future?
Vinyl sales are slowing down because of the MP3 revolution, but everything changes and we must embrace the future. On the good side, with MP3’s, more general clubbers can get their hands on my productions where as with vinyl only djs would buy them.

From Loaded’s top 100 babes to DJ mags top 100 DJ Poll, and now hitting the clubs hard making tracks signed by Nukleuz…any other goals?
I think I have most bases covered! I have achieved everyone thing on my check list so I will now just continue doing what I do and generally having fun.

Have you ever been given an ASBO for playing your music too loud?
No but I have had the neighbours coming around to ask me to turn it down, and I had to say ‘do you mind I am just mixing the next hard house anthems album, so sling your hook!’ since then I have moved into a bigger house with my deck room in the centre so no walls lead to the neighbours.

Anything else you would like to add?
Yes I have just started up a fantastic new message board where everyone can chat to me and fellow clubbers and find out general Lisa Pin-Up gossip, go to this link now to sign up!