Give Up Smoking – Serious advice from SPG on giving up the cancer sticks

  • Cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. Fact
  • One person dies every four minutes in the UK from using tobacco. Fact
  • Tobacco is the only legal available consumer product on the market that kills people when used entirely as intended. Fact

Well soon enough the No Smoking ban in public places kicks in; but is this going to make the 12 million smokers of Britain kick the habit? We have compiled a little list of hints and tips on giving up, but it will take more than these 300 words or so to do it.

1. Set a quit date.

First things first (well it wouldn’t be last) set a date to quit. This will help you mentally prepare to stop. Most people will quit on New Years Day, some people their birthday, or even on No Smoking Day, it doesn’t really matter just pick a day and try and stick to it.

2. A break from the old routine

Try and avoid the shop in the morning where you would buy cigarettes from on the walk in to work. If you are used to having a ciggie in the morning with your coffee switch to orange juice instead. Try giving up alcohol for a while too if you can, which is normally what you would associate with smoking.

3. Start afresh

When you eventually reach the quit date clean your house, car and all your clothes to try and get rid of the smell of cigarettes. By spending all this time and effort repainting walls, shampooing carpets and cleaning upholstery will inspire you to want to keep it this way.

4.  Be positive

Write down a list of positive reasons why you want to give up and stick it to the fridge, notice board or by your bed – basically somewhere where you will see it everyday.

5. Watch your money grow

Health issues aside one on the biggest benefits of giving up the sticks must be the extra money it will give you. Which leads us nicely onto…

6. Treat yourself

For every week or month that passes from your quit date treat yourself, it doesn’t have to be much maybe a meal out, a nice haircut, new pair of jeans – just not 20 Bensons.

7. Find a hobby

The stimulation and enjoyment of doing something completely new will easily keep your mind off quitting. The key is also to find one that will make smoking difficult.

8. Keep your parts occupied

When the cravings start, try chewing sugar free gum or playing with a pen as a substitute.

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