Choosing the location of your student house

It’s kind of important to find a student pad quite near to your college or university. Walking 5 miles each way every day and night might be ok for the first few weeks but will soon start to drag after a long day at college or a heavy session the night before.

Before choosing a house have a walk around the area you are thinking to moving to and check out the local amenities. How far is it to walk to the shop for a pint of milk and a packet of rizlas? How far is to stumble home from the Rose and Crown after a couple of bevies? And are you within the delivery radius of Dominoes on a Friday night?

With regards to the nightlife, it just depends. If your likely to be out on the town more times a week than Paris Hilton, then the closer the better really.

Look into whether buses frequent the area you are looking to moving too, not only does this allow you to spend another half hour in bed but it also means you don’t spend money on taxis after a night out.

Choosing a student letting agent or Student landlord

Always use a reputable student letting agent that specializes in student accommodation as others may charge you extortionate rates. And don’t rent a room off a random bloke you met in the pub last week either, as you just never know, he may be squatting.

Always try and pay the damage deposit by cheque or credit card – never cash, and get a receipt for what it actually covers. This way you have a proof of payment if things turn sour.

Understand fully what your letting agent/landlord can and cant do under the law, for instance, you’ll be pleased to know that they just cant turn up without prior notice, not even to your house warming party.

Choosing the location of your student house

Before you move in find out if electricity, gas and water are included in the rent make sure you take meter readings of them all when you first move in if they are not.

Don’t sign anything until you are happy with everything in the contract and ensure that the inventory notes every slight blemish, fag burn, damp patch or dodgy stain and again signed by you and your landlord, you could even take photographs to cover yourself further. This all makes sense when it comes to claiming back your damage deposit once you come to leave your student house

What are the neighbours like? It’s a big bonus if you have fellow students living next door. If find out you have Victor Meldrew living next door then think again.

Don’t be too scared about general wear and tear on the property as a reasonable amount is usually expected with most letting agents.

Double-glazing is a nice creature comfort to have. Not only does it keep the warm in, it also blocks out the drunken noises from outside when it comes to study time.

It is always best to move in with people you know beforehand and just saves a lot of hassle further down the line. This way you don’t get lumbered living with tedious Tony and his endless stories of shagging birds.

Get house insurance. Period. If your housemates don’t then just get your own bedroom covered. Laptop, Guitar, Ipod, The A team DVD box set – they’re all worth something.