Market Research Focus Group Participants Needed – across the UK

Everyone’s got an opinion… but did you know, marketers, researchers, advertising planners and web developers, all want to pay you for yours!

As a consumer of products and services in competitive markets, what you think matters.  No new product is launched without market and user testing – and Saros Research is your route to being part of this crucial system, as the UK’s longest-established consumer database of paid research participants.

Saros Research recruit for researchers who are running focus groups, interviews, application testing, creative workshops, and ethnographic products – and they match members of the public with genuine research projects that can pay from £30 to upwards of £100.  It’s not regular work or a job, but it is a chance to take part in genuinely interesting and important sessions on an occasional basis, and make a real difference to the products and services you use all the time.

Interested?  All you have to do is register with Saros Research as soon as possible, and they’ll email you when we have a project in your area that you might be a good fit for.  It’s really that simple, and membership of Saros is free for any UK resident aged 16 or over – they want to open up research participation as widely as possible, so please do pass this link on to anyone you know who might be interested in the occasional bit of cash, in exchange for a different kind of night out.

Lots of projects are open to students, and Saros Research often specifically require younger adults for some of the most interesting technology projects – this can involve testing a console game pre-launch, or seeing plans for new mobile apps and handsets.  Their clients range from skincare/beauty labels to travel companies to domestic goods to financiers and designers though, as well as all the techy stuff, so there really is something for everyone.

Saros is safe – they won’t pass your personal details on to anyone, send you spam or junk, or abuse your trust in any way.  They are Company Partners of the Market Research Society, registered Information Controllers, and recruit for bona fide research projects only – never will any kind of sales or marketing take place, and they don’t recruit for medical trials either.  If you want to know more check out their website – and don’t forget to register with Saros today.