Have you jumped on the Apple bandwagon yet? Don’t worry; it’ll only be a matter of time. In 2011, Apple Mac’s App Store hit a staggering 10 billion downloads for users on their iPhone, Macbook or iMac. We decided to trawl through some of the thousands of apps on offer to bring you the top 10 applications (in no particular order) that will make you masters of procrastination, and money-saving experts on your little nuggets of technology.

Angry Birds
Undoubtedly the best 59p you’ll ever spend. Catapult your army of suicidal birds through over 500 levels of addictive game play trying to bring those evil green pigs to justice. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go ahead and try the free demos, but be warned – the procrastination levels for this one are off the charts.

This is your ultimate shopping companion. Take this with you on your grocery shop, scan in anything you want and get incredibly accurate results comparing prices of the product online and in store, telling you if and where you can get it cheaper. A huge money saver.

Mega Jump
Get ready to blast off on an epic journey with Mega Jump. Collect coins, grab crazy power-ups, and evade monsters to boost yourself to the edge of the Universe and beyond. Mega Jump has over 12 million players and counting, and reached the No.1 spot in the App charts in a ridiculous 28 countries. Get involved!

Ever been on a night out and the DJ is playing amazing tunes you’ve never heard? Shazam saves you dancing like a member of an African tribe and yelling manically to your friends, “What is this tuuuune?” It’s an app that feels like magic when you first use it – simply hold your device to the source of the music, and wait while the app tells you what track you’re listening to.

Viber is an iPhone application that lets you make free calls to other iPhone users that have Viber installed. When you use it, your calls are free, to absolutely anywhere in the world. Saves you hundreds of pounds on international calls and enables you to keep in touch with friends on their gap year without having a massive heart attack when you get your phone bill. Don’t have an iPhone? Don’t panic; Android and BlackBerry versions are being released soon.

WhatsApp messenger is a cross platform smart-phone messenger currently available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages at no cost. All features are included without the need for extra in-application purchases.

VoucherCloud is one of the most useful utilities for all students shopping on a budget; it does the hard work for you by always being on the look-out for a great deal. Choose from dining and shopping to leisure, entertainment and travel offers all relative to your location. Track how much you’ve saved in your own personalised cloud and start living more and spending less today.

Very useful app for regular rail users, giving you access to all the cheap tickets to visit your friends and family while you’re at university. It’ll set you back £4.99 but saves you so much more in the long run. It’ll also give you tube updates and local taxi information.

With this nifty little beast you can talk face-to-face with friends and family from back home, completely free. Share your hangover in all its pixelated glory with your Mum and show her the state of your ‘tidy’ room.

You can’t have a top 10 list and not include this behemoth, even if it’s purely through social pressure. It allows you to connect with all your friends and family whilst on the move, at the touch of a screen.  Do everything you can online, from updating your status and checking your messages to browsing (and maybe even un-tagging) some of those embarrassing photos from the night before.