Attending a lecture in the comfort of your own bed? What is this madness you ask? Well, it could just be the most perfect solution for students. You might be able to guess what webinars are. It’s kind of in the name. Just in case you’re not familiar with the term however; webinars are web-based seminars. It can also be a presentation, lecture or workshop that is transmitted over the web.

Here’s what’s great about webinars. If you’re a student who travels a lot, webinars are perfect if you’re unable to physically attend a lecture. If you’ve been ill or injured and are bed ridden, you can still ‘attend’ the seminar online.

One of the most annoying things when you’re in a massive lecture hall, is, if you’re unfortunate to be stuck at the back, you’re unable to see the board. Well, with webinars you get the perfect view of the presentation. Each webinar is recorded and can be watched later at your convenience. Not only that but with a live workshop, you are able to discuss queries with fellow online students.

I think I can speak for most students when I say this, but there’s nothing more annoying than having to get up out of bed for a 9am when you’re only in for an hour. To go online and watch your lesson is much more convenient and useful. I bet lecturers would love the idea of presenting a class from the comfort of their bed!

The great thing is webinars are easy to access. Most universities will have them readily available on either their website, local intranet or both! If you are an off-campus student and have experienced difficulties accessing webinars, I would advise that you speak to your tutor who will guide you in the right direction. The number of Universities using this online format is rapidly increasing, so be sure to check out what your institue has to offer.

Webinars are the way forward. Or as us students would say, FTW. (For the win).


 Written by Kayleigh Barrett