Beauty tips are everywhere these days; on the television, on the internet and in magazines. But do these tips really work, or are they just myths created to get you to buy into another product? Here we will let you in on a little secret and share with you which of these most popular myths are true and of course, which ones are false.

The idea that cucumbers reduce swelling around the eyes is a myth. When your eye is puffy and tired looking this is because the blood vessels have expanded. By putting anything cold on your eyes, the vessels will contract, therefore reducing swelling. So it is not actually the cucumbers themselves that do all the work, it’s the temperature of the item that works wonders.

A common beauty tip you which is hard to get your head round is the ole lemon juice on the hair trick. Lemon juice is actually proven to make your hair lighter. Mixing the juice with water will guarantee that your hair does not go dry, lank and damaged. Just a word of caution, this remedy works well on hair that is generally lighter in colour and tone.

Dry Shampoo. The idea of it is amazing, but for someone who hasn’t used it, can seem a little bizarre. After much research we have found that this product works. If your hair is a little bit greasy and just needs to freshen up, then this will work wonders. If your hair hasn’t been washed for weeks and is extremely greasy, then this product will do nothing. It is not a replacement for shampoo and water!

This beauty myth has been circulating the beauty world for years, but it is just that, a myth. Yes, we’re talking toothpaste on your spots! OK, it contains ingredients to kill bacteria, but that is on teeth, not on your spots. Some of the chemicals found in toothpaste will in fact sting the spot and cause sore, flaky skin. So, the best option here would be to avoid this and stick to conventional spot creams.

This beauty myth causes great controversy and there are still mixed thought and feelings about it. This is whether or not you should wash your face with soap. Now, some people say it’s bad for you, and it once was.. But now, cosmetics companies have evolved with most soaps now containing moisturising components, proven to help your skin, not harm it.

Last but not least, the myth regarding sleep. Have you ever heard the myth that you need eight hours sleep to keep your skin looking it’s best? Well this myth is actually true. Your skin repairs and regenerates itself whilst you sleep, so when you miss out on getting enough z’s, your skin will suffer.  To guarantee a good night sleep, try and avoid alcohol before bed and only eat at least two hours before you plan on sleeping.

I’m sure many more beauty tips will grace our presence in the future, but just be careful, not every beauty tip will be true, some will turn out to be myths.

Written by Sage Fitzpatrick