Every year Hollywood and Co. launch a plethora of titles across the summer period in a bid to part you from your hard earned cash. Many are hot, many are not. The SPG takes a look at the top 10 to watch out for:

10. Men In Black 3

Released: May 25

Verdict: 10 years is a long time, especially when the franchise took a battering last time out. While Will Smith as Agent J is the nearest thing to blockbuster bankability, questions remain as to whether the new on-screen pairing with Josh Brolin will work. Oh, and time travel is a notoriously difficult plotline.

9. The Pirates

Released: March 28

Verdict: OK, so the date has passed already, which means aficionados will complain it doesn’t belong on the list. We simply had to share, though. If you have yet to see the trailer then find it now! One of those premier family adventure films, we reckon.

8. Prometheus

Released: June 1

Verdict: Die-hard fans will flock to see Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien universe and, if they get it right, this one has the potential to be massive.

7. The Bourne Legacy

Released: August 17

Verdict: A Bourne film without Matt Damon seems a little bit like football without Lionel Messi: sure, we’ll tune in, but we know how much better it could be.

6. Neighbourhood Watch

Released: August 22

Verdict: In a summer which looks heavy on action and superhero output, this sci-fi comedy could clear up amongst those disenchanted viewers yearning for a little variety.

5. Battleship

Released: April 11

Verdict: Allocated a generous mid-table position based upon the sheer enigmatic nature of this project. We have literally no idea how this one will go down. Basing a film upon a board game is not a new concept, but it is still a tough one to comprehend. It has Liam Neeson and Peter Berg’s direction going for it, and err…

4. Brave

Released: August 13

Verdict: Pixar doesn’t do bad films. However, this latest offering, set in a medieval Scottish kingdom, follows the trend of slightly off-the-wall concepts, so it could go either way. We can’t wait to find out.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

Released: July 4

Verdict: Following the frankly bizarre Spider-Man 3 the ‘Powers That Be’ have decided for a reboot a la Batman Begins. Marvel’s figurehead brand promises to sell and is well worth a watch, yet we suspect the bar for the superhero genre has already been set too high.

2. The Avengers

Released: April 27

Verdict: How do you take the summer blockbuster to the next level? By including 6 heroes in the mix, and Samuel L. Jackson. It is a proverbial pant-wetting prospect for comic book fans, though it could be too soon.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Released: July 20.

Verdict: Our film of the summer. The Dark Knight redefined the genre, which certainly puts a lot of pressure on Chris Nolan’s final instalment in the Batman saga. However, its potential makes it too risky to miss.


Written by Jordan Bishop