Finding a lucky break in the music industry is something many aspiring musicians can only dream of. Getting music heard by the people who can really make a difference in an artist’s career is tough and without the platform or access to reach those at the top, many are left feeling that they face a near impossible task.

But, there is hope.

Audio Rokit is an online pitch system aiming to eradicate these barriers. By providing a platform which allows musicians to easily upload their material using a state-of-the-art internal song submission system, artists can pitch their work to music companies advertising hundreds of opportunities online. Record labels, publishers, PR, music management and promoters, are just some of the companies accessible at the click of a button.

A common problem for many aspiring musicians is determining which companies are A) looking for new material, and B), what it is exactly they are looking for. By directly contacting those in the music industry, Audio Rokit seeks out the companies actively searching for the next big thing, specific to the type of artist and music they are looking for. The ‘middle man’ service provided, completely removes this former obstacle.

Even those who do manage to find the right company and the right person to pitch to, will often find that gaining any significant feedback, or any at all, is the hardest part in their quest to make it. The clockwork nature of the music industry makes it incredibly difficult for artists to get any time with those who can make a difference. Again, this is where Audio Rokit can help.

By making it a priority to follow up with music companies, Audio Rokit strongly request that feedback is provided to their members – which is invaluable to a musician’s progression. When feedback is provided, the musician is notified by email, which in turn, enables instant and direct communication with that company.

Services begin with a free sign-up allowing users to browse the opportunities available, with price packages after that ranging from a small fee of £6.99 a month up to £24.99 for the ‘pro’ service. These are the only fees that Audio Rokit will charge, taking no commission or royalties, even if an artist signs a contract. Get your first month free today with the exclusive SPG discount code! If you are a solo artist, songwriter, DJ, producer or session musician, take a chance. Who knows where the Rokit will take you.

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