Have you ever found yourself being in this kind of situation before? Where you have about half an hour to spare between a three hour Psychology lecture and a night out on the town with your friends, and you are asking yourself, “How am I going to make it when I need to go back to halls and change?!” or “I can’t afford to buy a new outfit?!” Don’t fret ladies, there is a solution to this problem…

You may think you can’t wear the same outfit two different ways, but it is so easily done! Just by changing a couple of items it can make such a difference…

Take the items listed below. The first section can be worn during the day, and then in the evening just by adding a pair of statement heels and some sassy accessories you are ready and rearing to go!

The ‘Supersoft Skinny’ jeans from Topshop are perfect for my day to night look as they are incredibly versatile. The jeans are such an investment buy and a must have in the wardrobe, they fit so perfectly and define the shape of your legs. Another little point I must make about them is that they are so comfortable to wear and come in an array of colours from denim to summer pastels, so you may find yourself being spoilt for choice.

I paired the ‘Leigh’ Jeans with a gorgeous shirt from Miss Selfridge, the tie-dye effect makes it a statement piece for the outfit. A massive factor to this shirt is that it can be worn in various ways for a variety of looks from jeans to a pair of on trend shorts.

To make both of these items appear different for a day and night time look I simply changed the accessories, from a holdall bag to a chic clutch, and from a pair of comfy ‘Chelsea’ boots to a pair of ‘Chelsea’ heeled boots. I also added a beautiful black and gold Cuff bracelet from River Island to add a touch of glam.

So there you have it, your day to night look sorted … you are ready and rearing to go!

Written by Ellie Gooch