As soon as you hear the word exam, you start to freak out slightly. However, fear not, as here you will receive some helpful tips on how to revise which will set you on your way to pass with flying colours.

Okay, so we’ll begin with revision cards. Depending on personal preference, the plain white cards are fine but we want to make revising a little fun at least. So why not spice it up a bit and work with coloured revision cards, perfect! Not only will it brighten your notes but you can also colour co-ordinate each topic making it easier for you to organise your revision.

Next thing. Your university will have an online site where each student has their personal page with their grades on for each module of your course. On there should be documents for each of your weekly seminars and lectures. If you weren’t able to get all your notes down from a certain lesson, you’ll be able to go over the documents provided online.

To make note taking more easy for yourself, bullet pointting each sentence makes it so much easier to read. Also, to make an important point really stand out, highlighting or underlying a key phrase or word is a great way to focus upon it. There’s nothing more annoying than reading back at your notes trying to find a certain point that takes you ages to find.

Getting yourself familiar with the library has to be done. I know, I know – You’d much rather use the internet as a source of information in the comfort of your own bed. I get it, trust me. However, your University library should have what you’re looking for, if it doesn’t, speak to a lecturer, they may be able to get it sent in from another library. Which brings me on to my next point. Your local library, if you haven’t set yourself up an account, it is a good idea to do so. If you’re on a tight time schedule and it turns out your University doesn’t have a certain book that you need, the local library may very well do so. It’s worth a go!

Give yourself a time frame to work within. Two hours a day for example is a good amount. You don’t want to go into brain overload. Organising yourself properly will make it far easier to revise, and help you relax about the work you have to do. Get yourself a hot chocolate and some biscuits and you’ll be well away!

Lastly, all your notes you’ve made, stick them to an A3 sized paper and use them as posters in your room. I’ve done this myself and when I’m getting ready for Uni in the mornings, straightening my hair, I’ll find myself looking over at them. They are everywhere! Wardrobe, door, walls, it really is a good way of learning. You’re able to just go over and over them each day. Sometimes I’ll walk into Uni and come out with a piece of info to my friends I just read from my wall and you genuinely feel better about yourself for it.

Good Luck!

Written by Kayleigh Barrett