Specialist student discounts and money saving site, studentbeans.com, have come up with these handy tactics to help you save a load of cash at the supermarket. Alongside each tip is the article or offer that you can look up on www.studentbeans.com to get the full report. Happy shopping!

Get huge savings by timing your food shop

You can get massive reductions if you go to the supermarket at the right time. By shopping late at night, especially at weekends, you will soon discover an abundance of perfectly edible food with brightly coloured ‘reduced’ labels. Supermarkets never sell food past the sell-by date, even if it is of a very high quality and void of any mould! For this reason, there are no excuses when you are hard up to snob off food which has been decorated with said labels! If you’re buying meat with not long left on the use by, there is nothing wrong with freezing it.

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Watch out for the bargains that could be a con

The BBC’s investigative programme, Panorama, recently exposed the dirty tactics deployed by UK supermarkets to make you think you’re getting a bargain. Before you next jump into bed with the latest 2 for 1, take a minute to work out if the deal on offer is actually as good as it claims. Some supermarkets, (no names mentioned), have been caught out offering ‘bargains’ such as bigger ‘value’ products, which are actually more expensive than buying larger quantities of a smaller size.

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Avoid travel expense

Not only can you save money with free deliveries but also a lot of time and hassle. Walking to the supermarket, only to leave an hour later with bags full of what feels like gym weights can be a waste of time, especially if you can get your items delivered for free. Most major supermarkets now offer free delivery over a certain value, so be sure to research your nearest local.

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Get into using cheaper cuts of meat

Cheaper cuts of meat are often bypassed by customers, simply because of the fact they are cheap and deemed of a lesser quality. This is often a huge misconception and more often than not, the cheaper cuts are actually far tastier and of course, better value for money. Chicken is a prime example of this, with breasts costing two sometimes three times as much as their tastier cousin, the thigh. It is FACT that chicken on the bone is greater in taste and moisture, and is probably one of the best value cuts of meat around.

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Become unbranded

Buying unbranded items is absolutely key if you are to make a substantial saving on your next shop. Basic labelling and branding can often put people off, however the product being sold is often no different than a branded version. Millions of pounds are spent by branded companies for a reason; to make you feel familiar and safe with their products. Avoiding the psychological tricks of the brands will save you a pocket full. Take unbranded painkillers, they are required by law to have the same ingredients as branded, and are 80% cheaper.

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Buy in bulk and stock up when offers are on

This is very much a case of, ‘you do the maths’. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have overspent in a supermarket when in fact all you have done is bought more for your money. Even though your trolley could end up packed to the rafters and near impossible to control when turning the aisle corners, it’s seriously worth your while, especially if you pitch in with a couple of mates. A good way of spotting a saving is by comparing the prices by weight of smaller and larger products.

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