With the sun making an appearance for the first time this year, everyone seems to be getting excited about summer. And to be honest, why shouldn’t they be? There is a lot in store for the UK this year with London being host to the Olympic Games. Not only is this event a major achievement and significance to our country and its people but it will also go down in the records of history.

This summer has the potential to be one of the best summers yet, so, get your cameras at the ready and make sure you capture lots of snaps! But, before you do, there’s one very important thing that you must get right, because let’s face it, we all want to look fashionable in the summer!

If you’re one of those girls who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to packing and getting the holiday essentials right, then there is absolutely no need to worry because by following these top fashion tips, you will feel like the queen of fashion this summer! So what are you waiting for? Simply keep on reading and you will be well underway to looking fabulous this summer!


It’s all about the sunglasses ladies, getting this part right is essential, so no matter what you’re doing this summer be sure that you always have your shades somewhere nearby.

Your face shape will determine the type of sunglasses you chose to suit you. The traditionally famous Ray Ban shape would be the Aviator, so if you have a slim face, this would be the perfect shape for you, however, if you have a slightly rounder face then choosing the Aviator wouldn’t work well; the Ray Ban Wayfarer would suit more.

This year it’s all about the Ray Ban shapes, so grab yourself a pair because shades are the most important summer essential this year!


There are loads of bikinis out there but the main problem for a lot of girls is feeling comfortable wearing one. It’s never too late to get a gym membership and give yourself a strenuous and hardcore workout a few times a week to get your summer figure just right, so if you’re one of these ladies who feels uncomfortable walking on the beach in a bikini then the best advice would be to start eating healthily and join a local gym. This way, you will reap the benefits of a sexy looking body which will make you feel confident about wearing a bikini and also about yourself.

At the moment there is a lot of attention towards jewelled and sequined bikinis. These can be fairly expensive but in my opinion they are worth every penny as they make you stand out in the crowd in a very feminine and sexy way.

The number one place you will find these bikinis is River Island and the average price you will spend on the top would be £22.00 and bottoms £8.00.

Beach bag

A bag is generally the most important part of a girls day to day essentials; I mean what girl would leave her house without her handbag? With this question in mind, what makes a beach bag any different? The answer to that is … ‘nothing’.

A beach bag is another one of those things that you have to think about and get right! It has to be big enough to fit lots of things inside, such as a couple of beach towels, sun cream, sunglasses, purse, etc, etc, etc. So, make sure you have a good look around the high street shops before settling on one bag.

The stereotypical beach bag is an unflattering massive straw thing. This doesn’t have to be the case however! If you shop in the right places you might just find a fashionable and perfect sized beach bag to match your needs, so the best advice would be to keep an eye out! The best places you can shop for a cheap but fashionable bag is Primark; if you love a bargain then this is the place for you. The store has a rather large bag section so if you are struggling to find a the one for you then look no further.


Shorts and tee’s + the Maxi dress

When it comes to clothing this summer, it’s essential to have a good selection of casual and evening wear and as always, it’s all about shorts and tee shirts! Whack out your summer draw and start having a look at what you’ve got, but remember this seasons colour is pastels, so make sure you find some softer colours.

Most people are under the impression that dresses should only be worn in the evening but this is definitely not true, especially if you’re a real ‘girlie girl’. The first opportunity you get to wear a nice summer dress, I’m sure you’ll take it.

When it comes down to maxi dresses, these are the perfect style to wear casually during the day and likewise perfect to wear in the evening, especially if you’ve glammed up a bit. These dresses are a MUST this summer and not only are they a complete fashion essential but they’re value for money because you are able to dress them up or down depending on the occasion, so what you waiting for? Get buying!

Flower hair clips

Hair accessories, especially flowers hair clips, went down so well last summer and surprise surprise, they are back again this year. If you haven’t yet already got a few beautiful flower clips in your jewellery box, then it would be a great opportunity to go out there and buy yourself a few. They don’t cost a lot and they look fabulous in your hair but it is important to match your hair colour to the flowers. For example, bright yellow looks stunning in blondes, likewise, purple looks amazing in brunettes. It’s all about matching it up. You can find hair accessories like these and many more at tegenaccessories.co.uk

Beauty in the Sun

It is extremely important to take care in the sun and use protection to make sure you won’t be damaging your skin in the strong and powerful rays. Covering up with a high factor cream is essential and must be packed, so don’t forget!

If you have naturally blonde hair and want to go lighter, the most natural way in achieving this would be to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in your hair and lay in the sun for an hour or two and viola, there you have it, instant and free lighter hair.

It is important to keep your lips hydrated in the summer sun and a good way to do this is to use lip gloss. If possible, look for a pastel shade when choosing because when applied, this colour looks natural and fresh. Pastels are also in fashion, so be sure to look out for pastels this year.

Tinted moisturiser is an absolute must. Not only does it give your face a glowing shine but most tinted moisturisers have a factor within the cream which protects the face from the harmful sun rays. A good one which I personally have used many times before is the benefit tinted moisturiser which has factor 15 in. The type of cream you go for however is down to your personal preference.

I hope you have found these fashion tips useful and have a fabulous holiday without stressing out over holiday fashion essentials!

Written by Amy French