We all enjoy a big night out, but not so much the effects of it the morning after…

When we’re dressed up to the nines, and slowly developing our confidence with each glass of wine, convincing us we can dance like Beyoncé (maybe not the guys), we never think of how we are going to feel the next day! To a certain extent, it doesn’t matter either. Enjoy your night, as we have the ultimate guide on how to survive that ghastly hangover!

There are some things you can do before going out which will help, which you have no excuse not to do them, as you are still sober! Taking around 1000mg to 3000 mg of ginseng helps to neutralize liquid in your liver, therefore all that vodka will evaporate quicker! It also helps to keep your mind more focused so that you don’t have to live on coffee the next day to think straight! Make sure not to take this or any pain killers before you go to sleep, they take four hours to kick in, and won’t make a difference when you are already sleeping.

Eating a hearty meal before going out also helps. Carbohydrates such as a pasta are the perfect pre-night out meal, as they provide you with stored up energy which will be vital when you hit the early hours. Also, eating lots of bread will eventually absorb the liquid that you plan to consume later on!

On to the morning after. Sitting on the sofa all day watching Jeremy Kyle, armed with a big mac meal or fry up, is for most, the perfect remedy to getting over a hangover. Realistically, how good do any of us feel after that?

First things first, have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink that was consumed. It’s usually best to do this as soon as you arrive home. Alcohol dehydrates you, which is the cause for most of the pain the day after. Drinking a lot of water, or an energy drink, such as Powerade, (not red bull from the night before, I assure you will automatically smell the vodka you mixed with it!) is good for you, especially after a night out.

A hearty breakfast is a great start to healing yourself. Probably not quite the breakfast you’re thinking of however. Fresh fruit is a great way of pushing the alcohol out of your system quicker as it is full of Vitamin C which will help replenish your body. All-bran cereal and plain yoghurt will do your damaged body a great deal of good, making you feel more energetic at the start of your day. As it’s full of fibre, this will help build a healthy blood glucose level, which is just what you need. This breakfast will make you feel refreshed, and ready for your day of recovery, whilst also filling you up without giving you that greasy, sickly feeling.

It’s a good idea to carry some pain killers with you throughout your day, they do work, and are a fast way of getting you back to your normal self, and gets rid of that feeling that your head has been ran over by a truck. Bananas are also a great hangover remedy as they are full of potassium, which will help heal your liver. So, if you’re peckish throughout your day, reach for a banana instead of the usual chocolate snacks! I know, it’s a tough one! But you’ll thank us for it later.

If you have time throughout your day, exercise will do you good. Do something that’s going to get you sweating; this will release that hangover in no time. Exercising releases a happy energy around your body, and will get you in a good mood for the rest of the day as you’ll be satisfied by the fact you’ve done something worthwhile.

So, it’s later on in the day, and you’re craving a greasy burger and chips. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. No matter how tempting it is, this will definitely be rejected by your sensitive stomach! Try a healthy salad, maybe throw in some boiled eggs, and either fish (salmon is always a good option), or some grilled chicken. If you’re not keen on a sometimes bland healthy menu, try adding some extra flavours such as watermelon, pineapple, cheese, or apple. There’s nothing wrong with a little calories, so mayonnaise is a good sauce option with this menu. A side, such as brown wholemeal toast or bread is another option that will fill you up, but not give you that greasy feeling and make you spend the rest of the day wanting to crawl back into bed.

I assure you that after these remedies, you will be having plenty more nights out as there is now a survival kit for it! Remember, keep snacking on those bananas! Plus, who knows, maybe sticking to this healthy diet for the day will encourage you to pursue the diet and exercise when you’re sober too! It might not seem like it now, but you will get more satisfaction with these foods than you would chocolate, crisps and those greasy fry ups!

Remember. No regrets, just headaches. Good luck!

Written by Cerys Matthews