To the normal Bill and Joe of the modern working world, walking past a student in the street at any time of day can be an interesting experience. It may be witnessing the mid-afternoon walk to the shops in pyjamas, or the early morning walk of shame dressed as a smurf. It really can be a gamble! Here we have pieced together the chronological order of student fashion. To those non-students, here might be an idea of what you can expect!

The morning: Almost an unknown concept for many young people! If lectures aren’t calling, then students tend to lounge about until after lunch. Fashion for this time of day may vary depending on the person and the weather. When it’s cold, girls especially, like to curl up in thick socks, slippers, oversized hoodies and large pyjama bottoms. These may or may not belong to them, depending on whether they have a partner or not! Guys may stretch to putting on some form of bottoms, but all year round their fashion consists of boxers and socks. Summer for girls is when we bring out the pretty pyjamas, anything covered in stripes, polka dots, stars or flowers tend to be on show.

Lectures/ Daytime fashion: A few years ago I would have said that this was made up of skinny jeans, hoodies and a pair of trainers. This style is still about, and I must say this is my chosen outfit of choice. It’s easy, convenient and allows you to get an extra half hour sleep every morning!

But, nowadays, lectures are a chance to show off your style. Girls treat them as a fashion show. Fake eyelashes, fur coats, glittery tops, I’ve seen it all! I have noticed a lot of shorts, tights ad brogue combos in these lessons, which is fashionable, yet practical. Guys are easier. Depending on their style, the trousers usually consist of jeans, skinny jeans or chinos. Tops are usually emblazoned with band logos and sarcastic remarks. Flannel shirts and hoodies are still big, although I have seen a few appearances of the denim jacket!

Evening wear: Let’s start with the easiest part. Guys. This tends to be the same as day wear, but with smarter shoes, more aftershave and a smarter shirt. Girls tend to have more make-up, better hair and also more perfume. Depending on where the night is going the outfit will vary. Club dress tends to involves heels, dresses or short/smart shirt combos. Big bulky bags are swapped for clutches and tiny handbags.

For girls, if going to the pub or out for a meal, this may well be an excuse to wear heels, but always check with friends! If you are the only one who’s feeling it, then switch the boots or flats. Smart jeans are acceptable, as well as shorts, tights and a dress, but maybe one that doesn’t show too much, if you know what I mean! Going to somewhere like Camden and the trendy parts of town, the fashion changes again. Converse, Vans and DM’s can be worn with daytime wear being as acceptable as night wear, so long as it is not too casual.

Bedtime fashion: For most of us, after a few drinks, what we wear to bed is usually what we wore to go out in! When all you need is your bed, sleeping in your clothes is a perfectly normal thing to do. For the more civilised of you, pyjamas is usually a good way to go.

So, there you have it. The daily fashion trends of a student!


Written by Sage Fitzpatrick