Graduates: Here are 7 Things You Will Miss About University. Students: Here are 7 Things You Should Treasure.

1. Making new friends was easy

Because the only place where you can find so many age-mates, all in the same boat and away from home, is uni.

2. You always had something to do

Because there are a gazillion events you can go to and every week night is a student night (different clubs have student nights on different days).

3. Procrastination 

Because deep down it is a guilty pleasure for most students.

4. The union bar

Because of the cheap drinks and the very, very, relaxed dress code

5. Academic challenges

Because as much as we hate it, all those exams and coursework keep your academic mind in good shape.

6. Lie-ins

Because later starts are more common than at 9-5 jobs and most students do not always have 9 o’clock lectures.

7. A lack of responsibility (or at least a very small amount of it)

Because at uni, all you need to do is graduate. Grown-up responsibilities such as mortgage payments are yet to set in.

Written by Michael Tefula (author of How to Get a First)