If you’re a student who keeps a car on campus or back at home, chances are it doesn’t get driven as often as it really needs to be. Just when you need it most, in time for the spring/summer break, you want to be sure it won’t let you down. The longer a vehicle is out of use, the more likely it is to develop problems, such as deflated tyres or a flat battery. Undiagnosed issues can not only be inconvenient, but can potentially cause accidents.

If you do have breakdown cover (and many students don’t), it can be a hassle waiting for help to arrive, and that’s not even taking into consideration the additional time and expense it could cost you if your car can’t be fixed straightaway. Therefore, it’s very important that your vehicle undergoes a car safety check in time for the holidays.

Many service centres offer cheap vehicle health checks and MOT’s. UK students should look at an Evans Halshaw dealership who offer checks for as little as £35, which only take around 30 minutes to complete. These checks often spot potential problems and can get them fixed before they have the chance to occur. A reliable health check will ensure that the following parts are looked at, and you will be advised of any remedial maintenance requirements:

• Tyre Tread Depth – all tyres (including the spare if available) will be checked for tread depth to ensure they meet the minimum legal requirement.

• Tyre Pressure – all tyres (including the spare if available) will be checked with a pressure gauge, and if over or under-inflated, will be adjusted accordingly.

• Tyre Condition – all tyres will be checked for visible signs of damage.

• Battery – without the need for removal, the car battery will be visually inspected and checked for residual capacity.

• Exhaust – the exhaust and its mountings will be visually inspected to check for signs of corrosion, physical damage and leaking joints. If a catalytic converter is fitted, this will be physically checked also.

• Brake Inspection – a visual inspection of the front brake will be carried out.

• Shock Absorbers – shock absorbers will be subjected to a bounce test and will be inspected for signs of damage, corrosion and leaking.

So, avoid blowing your holiday budget for the sake of a blow-out, and make sure you book a safety check for your car this year. That way, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free break and save yourself money in the long run.