For many, going to university means living away from home for the first time. Sharing accommodation with complete strangers can be great. It’s very likely that you will make life-long friendships and have some unforgettable experiences. But it isn’t always easy, especially in those first few months.

Sharing a kitchen and bathroom with complete strangers, whose habits might be very different from your own, can cause problems and lead to tension. Having your own space and feeling secure in your domestic environment becomes all the more important. So what can you do to make your room feel more like home? What are the essential items that will make living away from home for the first time that little bit easier? A laptop is a given for most people, and so is a smart phone – but what else will you need? We’ve outlined a few of the must-haves that any newcomer to student accommodation should consider bringing along with them.

Air purifier

Let’s be honest: with Fresher’s week, lectures, plenty of socialising and time spent finding your feet in a new town, you’re not going to have much time for cleaning. This will inevitably lead to that telling musty aroma. A can of air freshener will do the job in the short term, but soon you’re going to need something a little more effective. An air purifier will keep your room feeling fresh, with the minimum of effort on your part. It’s also of great benefit to allergy sufferers and can help alleviate dust.

Mini fridge

Early in the morning, late at night, a mini fridge can free you from the stresses of a communal kitchen. Need a cup of tea first thing, but can’t face your housemates just yet? Having a mini fridge to store your milk saves you a trip downstairs and lets you brave the world in your own good time. It’s also the perfect place to keep your own supply of drinks. Having your own mini fridge means a chilled beverage will always be within easy reach at the end of a hard night’s studying.

Security safe

You don’t always know who you’ll be living with, or what type of people they will be bringing back to your home. Safes are a discreet way of keeping your valuables secure, allowing you to go out and enjoy yourself, without worrying about who’s at home. It’s also worth considering a model that can protgoect against fire.

Mattress protector

Not the most glamorous of items, admittedly. But the fact is if you’re moving into student accommodation, the chances are someone has been there before you – and you have no idea who they are. A mattress protector is an affordable way of giving you a comfortable night’s sleep, free from nightmares about the people in the room before you.