GIVE SOME LIFE TO YA WARDROBE! Do you have a champagne taste on a beer budget?
Thought so, well don’t spend … MEND!

If you’re opening your wardrobe each morning and sighing at all of those dull and ancient clothes that you’ve somehow never chucked out but worn year after year, then never fear, SPG is here!

Before you rush off in an attempt to buy all the latest trends, take a deep breath and have a look at what you already have. Each piece WILL have the potential to be transformed and with a crafty afternoon underway, you will have your old clothes rocking that wardrobe!

It’s all about LOVE and ATTENTION girls, so give it a go and I can guarantee your friends will be asking where those ‘new’ outfits have come from.

Snip, snip, snip!
Before you go off on a tangent about all those clothes you absolutely detest, why not adjust how that top sits on your shoulders or cut those hideous trousers into three quarter lengths? Go on, add some shabby chic to your wardrobe by shortening a hemline on that full length skirt you just can’t bare the sight of and VOILA! You have successfully transformed it already, it’s that easy!

Second hand GIMMES!
Check out your grandma’s treasure chest, go on! You’ll be surprised by all of the unused jewellery good old Nan has. (Well at least I am). But, if your grandma isn’t the jewellery type, take a trip to your local vintage store and you’ll be in for a treat, I can assure you!  With all these cheap or, even better, free accessories, you can make all sorts of interesting and personal things that will make such a difference to your look. Glam up that plain Alice band with a few feathers or gems.  Or why not make the ring of your dreams by adding some sparkling jewels to it?!

Get creative with some funky buttons, ribbons or even lace to personalise your old clothes! But, if you wanted to go that extra mile then why not learn to knit and make your own! This would give a new twist to your wardrobe and it’s a far cheaper alternative to buying them. ‘Tell me about it, Stud!’  – Here’s a very creative idea that you’ll love and more importantly, it’ll save you a bomb! Grab a plain pair of heels and glue a few studs or jewels to the side of the heel. This will get all your mates asking where you brought them from! It’s such an easy way to transform your old heels.

Have your mates over and let them bring all their old clothes with them. Then, simply SWAP!

What is old to you is new to them, and this is a fun and free way to instantly revamp your wardrobe. So go on, crank up the music and start exchanging your clothes!

Ok, if you’re still not satisfied with how you’ve transformed your wardrobe, then go on, buy some new clothes BUT have a budget in mind and for God’s sake stick to it! If you’re after designer brands the best place to look is TK Maxx as this store could save you up to 60% on designer items! Unreal I know.

However, if you’re after a more ‘retro’ look, then check out your local second-hand store as places like Oxfam are perfect for vintage pieces at affordable prices. Second hand shops are also great places to pick up fashion scarves that will instantly give you an air of elegance and keep your wardrobe up to date with the colours of the season. So keep an eye out girls!


Written by Amy French