The Student Pocket Guide | Working in Ibiza
by Nathan Wadlow

Ibiza. The ultimate clubbing destination. White sand, clear blue sea and an island jammed with the world’s greatest dance venues. A-list DJs and artists annually migrate there for a summer of lavish partying and so could you next year, with the added bonus of working in order to extend your stay!

Just think, after an academic year of hard graft and dedication to your course and career, you could be setting off to the ultimate chill-out island as a reward for all your endeavours. Maybe you could pitch up with your new found friends, or simply take a chance and jet off on your own, either way; a summer in Ibiza is a summer which will not be forgotten in an instant.

But why Ibiza? This tiny Spanish island, 79km off the coast of Valencia, has steadily built up an unbeatable reputation in the world of clubbing, partying and dance fanaticism. From the ‘Born Slippy’ era during the 90s to the mega DJs of Tiesto and co of the noughties and today, Ibiza has prolonged its status as the ultimate location for artists and punters alike. The clubs of Pacha, Space and Amnesia are just a handful of the globally recognised clubbing brands which have dominated the dance scene for decades. Excited yet? Well, so you should be! Here is how you can make it there next summer…

Air Pro is a company that makes working abroad quicker, safer and a lot less stressful. Packages include flights, guaranteed four weeks holiday accommodation, eight roommates all registered with the company (who you can meet beforehand online) and an experienced rep who will guide you through everything you need to know about how to get the most out of your time abroad. You’ll be taken to the best places to eat, drink and party; given advice on how to find your perfect summer job and they will be there for you as a guardian angel, pointing you in the right direction should you need any guidance during your dream break.

Next, the jobs. Here is what you could find yourself doing during your time in Ibiza….

Bar Work and Jelly Girls: This is a great way to experience firsthand the epic Ibiza nightlife. As many clubs and bars hire staff continually year on year, being persistent is key to finding work. Once your foot is in the door, however, and a good impression is made, you could well find yourself being invited back year on year! For Jelly Girls, this is one of the most lucrative forms of work in Ibiza. Each drink or shot sold can see you earn up to 1 euro. A hundred shots a night? You do the maths!

PR and Ticket Selling: This is probably the most accessible form of work you will find.  As clubs continually party through the summer weeks, there are non-stop opportunities and requirements for the venues to promote their nights. Pay is usually on a commission basis but if you have a hard days sell, the money will soon be rolling in! The great thing about ticket selling is that you have a free reign in regards to where you can pitch, which could mean a day spent on the beach!

Dancing and Djing: These options are for the more experienced and professional. Finding work in these fields is quite simply a no-go if you haven’t got a proven track record. Again, clubs and bars will usually have in mind who they are employing to dance and DJ before the summer season kicks in; that’s not to say that you won’t be able to find a lucky break. Being persistent with the smaller venues is the best place to start. Offering yourself on trial is also a tried and tested method.

All that’s required: Confidence, a friendly attitude and an appetite to party! Take a look at Air Pro today and see what options you have for 2013!