The Student Pocket Guide | Enhance Your Experience
by Nathan Wadlow

Starting university life can be a mixed bag of emotions. Whether you’re riddled with nerves, buzzing with excitement, or even both, there will be a realisation that a new chapter in your life is about to commence. Making new friends is obviously essential, so what better way to do so than by joining one of the numerous clubs and societies your university offers. It’s a great way of meeting like minded people, and speaking from experience, will be sure to enhance your university life. Quite simply, get involved!


You could be forgiven if you went to university thinking that sports teams would be limited to the mainstream games, however, you could not be more wrong. Universities nationwide offer an abundance of sporting variety, and with £10 million worth of investment last year are actively encouraging more and more students to get involved. Brighton Uni for example have secured £180,602 for a new sports scheme, Project Active 8, which rewards its students for attending sports sessions with a loyalty card programme. It covers eight sports, including netball, beach sports, squash and table tennis, with rewards including discounts to the various facilities the University has to offer. So not only can you benefit from the health and social aspects, you could save a few quid as well. See it as a free beer on a night out!

Be sure to check out university websites, or visit the BUSC at to find out what your chosen destination has to offer. You can represent your university, campus, college, or even your beloved subject. From ten-pin bowling in Birmingham, to Shinty in Edinburgh, (and if Korfball is your thing then Cambridge was a certainly a good choice for you!) there is more than likely a sport to suit you. Standards are no barrier either, you don’t have to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo in your sport to take part, so don’t be put off if your tekkers are somewhat questionable, there will be teams that cater for you.

Clubs and Societies

Of course, not all social groups at University lie within sports. Universities offer a vast range of clubs and societies that are sure to match some of your personal interests. Whether you are politically minded, a bit of a foodie, or just simply want to have a laugh, there will be something to suit you, and you can join as many as you wish!

See it as an opportunity not only to meet people with whom you can relate to, but also as an opportunity to further a hobby or interest, or simply broaden your horizons and try something new. You will certainly be spoilt for choice! From the weird and wacky, such as Bournemouth’s Lego Appreciation Society, to the more serious and sophisticated, for instance Bolton’s Student Labour Party, your university will offer you a wonderful selection of varied options. And, if you cannot find something suitable, why not start your own?

Most clubs and societies are organised and run by students, with new volunteers constantly welcomed and needed. Not only can you enjoy what your chosen club has on offer, whether it be a day out to the beach or a visit from an industry expert, you can also get involved in the running and promotion aspects, which can certainly boost up your CV when applying for jobs. Transferable skills in organisation and events planning for example are all there for the taking, so why not show some initiative and put yourself out there! The experience will do nothing but benefit you when you make the scary transition from your manic student life to your chosen profession. (It soon comes around)…