Times are changing, there’s no doubt about that. And as such, people are looking for ever more comfortable and intriguing ways to standout…

The result of this has been a surprising new trend… the adult onesie. These snug little bedtime garments have seen a roaring comeback over the past few years, due in part to their use in shows such as Family Guy and Scrubs. But did you know that the onesie trend dates back further than this? It has long been the belief of onesie enthusiasts that the trend can be traced back through modern history and that the onesie has been worn by historical figures, such as Winston Churchill (don’t believe me? Google it).

But there seems to be a deeper reason for the success of these all-in-one garments. Quite often they are sold as a money saving endeavour, the idea being that if you have a cosy, warm all-in-one then you are less likely to jack up the heating over the winter season. This is true in the case of ‘funzee’, a company that sells numerous types of onesie (or ‘funzee’). Several of their designs are made entirely from fleece, in order to create maximum insulation and this has been claimed to save sizable sums of money on heating.

Onesies have also been described as comfort clothing, meaning that their design, appearance and general feel is built for maximum ‘chilloutishness’. The fact that they can be used as either pyjamas or standard wear around the house is another display of the ease of these fabulously lazy unisex pieces. And, that is just what these garments are, easy. They allow us to indulge our laziness. Their comfort and universality encourages and aids us in the art of chilling out!

Whatever the reason for this sudden spike in onesie-wearing, it has led to a huge range of adult onesie styles hitting the market. These garments can be found in a variety of materials, colours and sizes. Some come with accessories such as hoods or feet attachments. Some are made from light weight material, so that they can be worn in summer, whilst others are made with a more heavy-duty material designed for the winter season. So, choosing which onesie is right for you, may not be as simple as it seems. It appears that the adult onesie is taking the market by storm and with companies drawing up new makes and models all the time, it is no wonder why they appear so often in films and on TV.

Onesies appear to be the garment of the relaxer, of the chillouter, and of the just-take-it-easier(er?). And wearing a onesie is a statement about that. The adult all-in-one is not simply a garment; it is a way of life. The way of life that says “right now, it’s time to unwind and take it easy”. Is the onesie craze just a flash in the pan? Will the bottom fall out of the onesie market? We think not and that’s what makes them the perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays.