It’s inevitable – every year will always have an endless list of films to watch, and with so much happening in the world of cinema it can be hard to keep track of it all. So, as 2013 draws ever closer, we’ve taken a look into the next 12 months and compiled our list of the years must-see films, and we reckon there’s plenty to be excited about…

To begin with, Gangster Squad, whose release date was postponed for months, will finally be out in January. Seeing Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together on the big screen again is a must, as these two young actors have proved they are able to play any role; from comedy to action, they can not only do it, but also make you believe it. Moreover, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin taking part in the production, makes it sound even more tempting. If you are a fan of films such as The Godfather, you will definitely enjoy this fast paced action based in 1950’s Los Angeles.

If you didn’t have enough of Robert Downey Jr.’s witty character in the Avengers, Iron Man 3 is going to hit the cinemas in 2013. It seems that this time Tony Stark will have to save something much closer to his heart – Pepper. The tin man who needs a heart has finally found a good reason to fight evil in the world. However, we are left with the impression that the battle will be between two men in iron suits, rather than real life super villains. The audience will have to wait until April to decide whether the third part is a hit or miss.

Still on the hero wave, the new Superman film will also be out in 2013. Henry Cavill, the heart throb we know from Immortals and Cold Light of Day, will be playing Clark Kent in Man of Steel. Although the last Superman film was released 6 years ago, again by Warner Brothers, fans will not be disappointed. The trailer of the production promises a dramatic plot with a hero torn apart by his choices. The film about the most famous superhero, however, does not imply to have those unbelievable action scenes so usual for this genre.

Twilight fans should not worry either. Although the saga has reached its end, The Host, Stephany Mayer’s other famous book, is going to be released as a film in 2013. The impossible love between vampires is now replaced with the occurrence of aliens. However, if you prefer to stick with the supernatural, Beautiful Creatures is the other fantasy choice. Woods, death, a scent of magic and among all this supernatural atmosphere, a teenage love affair, make this film the next youngster’s obsession.

Everyone’s favorite actor, Johnny Depp, again shares the screen with Helena Bonham Carter in Disney’s production of The Lone Ranger. From what we have seen from the trailer, the film is going to be a pinch of Wild, Wild West, while Johnny Depp’s character is just like a native American version of Jack Sparrow. Although his presence in the production will definitely attract audience’s attention, this Disney film somehow does not seem to be one of their greatest and most memorable investments, reminding us too much of John Carter. Fans will be able to start rating it on 9th of August, so Disney, keep your fingers crossed.

After the rumors that Percy Jackson’s futher novels will not be filmed, as the first did not gain the popularity it was expected to, 2013 surprises us with a second movie from the series, Sea of Monsters. Logan Lerman, who becomes more and more famous with every second, with the current hit The Perks of Being a Wallflower, will again play the son of Poseidon. The Half-blood camp is under attack and Percy and his friends need to protect it by finding the mythical golden Fleece. During their adventure Poseidon’s son will find more about his family and roots.

If you are a fan of the sci-fi genre, Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, will keep you breathless till the end. Situated on a space platform in the distant 2159, when the Earth is close to ruin and full of disease, Max (Damon) will engage in a mission to not only save his own life, but also bring equality to the population. So far the critics were very generous with their applause, but the audience will have the chance to provide their judgment at the beginning of August.

One of the films you should definitely not miss next year is the second part of The Hobbit trilogy. The Desolation of Smaug is promising to be even better than the first film. Peter Jackson has raised our expectations with his previous productions, so the audience is looking forward to an amazing cinematography experience. Moreover, Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug will be joining his Sherlock colleague Martin Freeman, and we all know how these two actors are great together. However, the fans would be waiting until the beginning of December to get a glimpse of Middle Earth again.

Finally, Leonardo Dicaprio stars in the upcoming incarnation of The Great Gatsby. The all time classic novel based film will be released in 2013. It depicts the luxurious, yet tragic life of Jay Gatsby. His role in Django Unchained in January prepares us for this portrayal in may next year. Although it reminds of Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby offers a wider emotional range. The seventh version of the novel includes so many famous actors, such as Tobey Maguire and Isla Fisher, that it is destined to be a box office hit.

Written by Elena Doncheva