The Student Pocket Guide | Funk D’Void Interview
By Stuart Robinson

Having just mixed the latest release in the respected Balance series, legendary techno DJ Funk D’Void has once again proved that he’s still at the top of his game. In between continuous shows across the planet, we were able to catch up with Funk, AKA Lars Sandberg, and ask him all about touring, Twitter and tech.

What have you been up to since releasing your Balance mix?
Non-stop touring!! And balancing my family/work life in between…

Do you enjoy recording and releasing mix albums? How does it fit in with DJing and putting out your own records?
They’re relatively easy for me to put together… I’ve been mixing for over twenty years now, so it’s always enjoyable to find out what tracks go together well and to record the results. I still get goosebumps when I hear a good mix.

You’re doing shows around the world to promote the album – Where’s the best crowd for you?
The British crowds are usually the most receptive… especially the Scots. Then the Japanese come second in the list – they are the world’s superfans, and are not afraid to show their love for you.

There has been a ton of technological advances in the DJ world since you started out in the 90’s. How has DJing changed for you?
I’ve used all the combinations of current and old technology, but the basic format is the same – it’s all about flow and selection, not what tech you are using to mix.

How do you think DJing and technology will progress in the future?
It all depends of how different crowds experience music. I like to listen to the artist’s original vision, although I make a lot of club edits and take out the parts I think don’t work. I don’t use so many toys anymore when I perform.

Who would you say are your major influences today?
Most of my influences are on the Balance album… new & old.

Are there any new artists that you think are going to be big soon?
I’m not very good at predicting such things… I’m not sure my finger is on the pulse with today’s scene to be honest!

You recently announced that you are re-launching your label Outpost. What do you have planned for the label?
Signing a lot of new talent that comes under the Outpost ethic of making visceral, emotional and raw club music. Beaumont Stanford, Takuya Yamashita, Child & Chymera are the main members of the family so far. We’re also looking to start moving the label into clubs soon once we have some more releases under out belt.

You always seem to be busy at the minute. Do you ever get time off? What do you do when you’re not DJing or in the studio?
On social media.. it’s every DJs necessary evil. People have a short memory these days, so you have be always shouting “me, me, me!” on all of these platforms, so when you actually do have some music to sell, they’ll remember you!

Do you think it’s important to keep in touch with your fanbase?
Super important… with so many people out there doing the same thing as you, it’s imperative to keep your vibe alive. I love interacting with my fans, but I would prefer it if they all came to my gigs so I could meet them in person! Don’t be shy!

What do you have coming up in 2013?
New Soma LP and of course more Outpost releases… and some new T-Shirt designs!

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Interview by Stuart Robinson