With the holiday season now here, it’s not only important to look sexy, but also to smell sexy. Hugging your friends when you first arrive at a party is the norm; but you want to tease their senses by leaving them wondering what that beautiful smell is! And the same applies for men – a woman loves nothing more than a man who smells great!

There’s no doubt that decent perfumes are expensive, but if you want to smell sweet on a budget, check out these websites which will give you the Christmas must haves for men and women- but at a discounted price.

Feeling glamorous?

Paco Rabanne – Lady Million is the perfect perfume to spritz before you leave for a party. Guaranteed to leave a strong smell for hours, the vibrant orange smell will make your skin a presence at whatever event you attend. Ranging from £40.00-£90.00, this is a very expensive perfume to purchase, however if you want to feel fab on a student budget, then visit Boots, which currently has the largest bottle (100ml) for £35.00!

Feeling fresh?

If you want to smell sensuous, then Calvin Klein – Euphoria is the perfume for you. With pomegranate mixed with the fresh smell of orchards, you can smell like warmth of the outdoors from the inside of a house. For the 50ml bottle the price is £32.50, however PriceRunner compares all sorts of products to find you the cheapest! Shockingly, the Calvin Klein perfume can be purchased as part of a gift set for only £27.99! So, if you need to buy a present or just want to be selfish and spend on yourself, price runner will ensure you don’t overspend to smell good!

Feeling Casual?

Living at University means that you will be going to small get-togethers just as much as the large parties. It’s important to have a scent that can stick with you on a day to day basis. With its floral essence, Marc Jacobs – Daisy is perfect to create a casual yet appealing smell on your body.  Being the most expensive at £49.50 for a 50ml bottle, it’s understandable that no student could afford to purchase this. For £20.95 from Price Inspector, you can get a ‘on the go’ perfume which is a pocket sized version of the scent at a much cheaper price.

Feeling Strong?

If you want to assert your ‘maleness’ then Diesel – Only the brave is the perfect fragrance to evoke strength and masculinity. With a wood like base, this fragrance separates the men from the boys.  Starting for £32.50 for a 35ml bottle, you can get a much better deal at Hot UK Deals, whereby you receive not only a larger bottle, but a free Diesel bag!

Feeling Minty?

For that ‘stepped out the shower’ fresh smell, go for Davidoff – Cool Water. The minty base blended with the smell of the open air, you can entice everyone with how fresh you not only look, but how you smell also. At a more reasonable price of £21.50 for a 40ml bottle at the Perfume shop, it is a fragrance most students could afford to fork out! However, if you want to get this scent at an even more discounted price, try Amazon, where a 75ml bottle is £18.94!

Feeling mysterious?

If you want to give off an air of mystery and entice women to want to figure you out further; there is no better fragrance than Gucci- Guilty (Pour Homme) With an aromatic and delectable tone to the fragrance, you can be the magnet of the party!  For a 50ml bottle, this ‘must have’ is a costly £43.50, which is definitely not a student friendly price. Google is a very useful source for price comparisons; Gucci-Guilty can be found at various prices such as £33.50 for a 30ml bottle.

So, if you want to make a statement this Christmas, purchase a fragrance that exudes how you’re feeling- but at a super saving price!


Written by Huma Mian