With the winter fast approaching, it’s vital to keep your skin shining, even through the dull months. The harsh winds and blustering rain take moisture away from the skin, leaving it dry and prone to infection. However, by following our top six winter tips, you can leave your skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom with a summer glow…


  1. Using the same standard lotion all year round may temporarily make your skin feel soft, but in reality, it is doing nothing to protect the skins delicate nature. Choose a lotion that was designed for dry skin and has ingredient’s such as petrolatum, mineral oil or glycerin. A good example of this would be The Body Shop’s hemp collection. With a collection of hand, face and even foot creams, you can protect all parts of your skin and leave it with a glow, no matter what season.
  2. The rain is pouring outside, so you decide to have a nice hot shower and get in your pyjamas in time for Eastenders. To most, this sounds like the perfect wintery night in, but for your skin, it’s a nightmare. The steam from the shower dries out your skin and can leave it damaged. Moisturising as soon as you leave the shower will keep your skin moist for the rest of the day.
  3. Don’t forget about your lips! It’s important to keep those lips looking juicy, so frequently use lip balms to stop the cold taking away your natural colour.
  4. When you’re sitting at home, bored, why not do a facial with your friends? This will help keep your skin fresh, whilst also being a fun activity to do. No money for facials? Use fruit, such as bananas and orange peels; it may feel disgusting, but it will leave your skin soft and smelling nice!
  5. It’s understandable that as a student, you’re unable to buy the expensive face washes and lotions, but it is still possible to have a glow in the cold season. This may sound obvious, but keep covered; by covering your hands with gloves and keeping your neck wrapped in a lovely scarf, not only do you stay toasty, but you stop your skin from over exposure to the wind.
  6. You’ve just see a skincare advert with the women who look as if they’re perfect. You decide you want the product they’re wearing to make your skin like that, but after seeing the price, you think again. It is not always impossible to get high brand stuff at a discounted price! Have a look on places like Amazon or even supermarkets which sell decent facial scrubs and moisturisers at cheaper prices.

There’s no reason why you need to look back at your summer pictures and sigh over the brightness of your skin. Bring the summer shine back to your skin whenever you please!

Written by Huma Mian