We are on the lookout for savvy students across the nation who have the drive and upbeat nature to become an SPG rep!

Get Paid Whilst You Play!
Representing us in your city, you could be earning £££’s generating leads for our super sales team, and the great thing is, you can do this whenever you please! Next time you have a coffee in town with your pals, or treat yourself to a little shopping spree, or even whilst you’re on a big night out, you could be earning!

Lead Generation You Say?
Yes, indeed. As a student rep it will be your task to find the right companies for us to approach for advertising. This can be anything from sending us leaflets, flyers and local publications, to providing details of restaurants, pubs, clubs and the popular student hotspots in town. Like most things, the more you put in, the more you get back. See it as being SPG’s very own Indiana Jones, constantly on the prowl for new business!

What’s On Offer?
OK, we have your attention, and now you want the figures. For each lead that proves to be successful we will provide you with 10% of that sale. A £300 sale = £30 for your back pocket. And, on top of that, high performers will receive awesome bonuses. We have bundles of goodies up for grabs such as gig/theme park tickets, designer watches, headphones, DVDs and much more!

If you are interested in becoming an SPG Rep or require more information, please get in touch today by emailing: info[@]thestudentpocketguide[dot]com and to ensure your message reaches the correct person please title the subject of the email ‘SPG Rep’.

We look forward to hearing from you!