It’s the end of a long week of lectures, late nights and library stints. You may be looking forward to a few pub trips, not to mention a well-earned lie-in or two. But if you fancy getting more out of your time off than a hangover, there are plenty of weekend activities ideal for students, whether it’s a uni club or simply exploring the local area.

Weekend opportunities for students range from taking some mountain bikes for a spin to more unusual activities like climbing or breakdancing. Most student unions these days are packed with choice when it comes to activities. As well as the high-energy skills you can gain from outdoor sports, martial arts or dance, there’s any number of arts-based pastimes like theatre and craft-making to get involved with.

You should also take advantage of subsidised trips while you’re at uni, as you can often get deals for Alton Towers or activities like go-karting with transport included. Educational visits to London galleries or historical cities such as York might be a good choice, especially if it’s somewhere which is relevant to your studies. Keep a lookout for seasonal events as well; try Bath Christmas Market for gift ideas or glam up for Ascot Races in the spring. Even if money’s a bit tight, there are loads of free options you can organise yourself, from visiting local museums to hiking with a group of friends.

Though you may well have to work some weekends or evenings, if you do find some time to spare, volunteering is always a good investment. Whether it’s picking up social experience with children, working with the elderly at a care home, or enjoying a day out in the countryside while doing some conservation work, it makes sense to use your weekend well and build up your CV at the same time.

Whatever you’re into, it’s certainly worth getting out of the city for a few hours, especially if you’ve spent most of the week with your head in a book and don’t fancy yet another trip down the pub.