At university, it is likely that some students will end up having the odd bit of cheeky fun on a one night stand. Without going into too much detail, we sent Birmingham City University student, Amrit Pnaiser, on her way to find some juicy stories, or as she has put it, one night stand disasters…

Hannah Aston University

I met this lad on a night out and I was besotted with him. I couldn’t believe that he spent the majority of the night dancing with me and buying me drinks. When the night came to an end, my friends came over to tell me they were ready to leave. This boy then suggested I came back to his for a bit of fun. Thinking it was harmless, I agreed. Once we were in the taxi he made about three or four calls inviting other people over to “have some fun”. I presumed he meant we were going to be having a few more drinks. About ten minutes after we arrived at his flat, three girls turned up. I was a bit confused as I thought there would be a mixture of us. The boy then said, “So ladies, just take your clothes off over there, my beds in the next room”.  My instant reaction was to laugh as I thought he was having a joke. But then the girls started to take their clothes off and one referred to me as the “new recruit”. I instantly said I had to go outside and make a phone call. As I closed the door behind me, I ran for my life!

Raj Birmingham University

I was on a night out with my mates and all the boys had pulled. I was feeling a bit edgy as I was on my own and felt awkward. Luckily, as I was waiting at the bar, this girl comes over and says, “Do ya want to buy me a drink?”. I agreed as she was quite hot. There was only an hour left to the night, so we spent the remainder of the time at the bar doing shots. She then asked me if I wanted to stay at hers, so I thought I was in there. We got some food outside the club then jumped in a taxi back to hers. I was sat on her bed waiting for her to join me as she was in the bathroom. Eventually, she came over and we started kissing. She then tried to unzip my trousers but she was a bit too drunk to do it, so I helped. I then went to kiss her again and as our mouths touched she puked all over me. I jumped up and screamed at her, spitting on the floor and ran to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and had to take my shirt off as it was ruined, put my coat on and zipped it up. I was about to leave and saw she was lying half on the bed and half on the floor. I felt bad so I helped clean her up and put her into bed. I then left her a note as I did actually like her. It was a first impression that we both never forgot.

Micheal Aston University

I’d had a really good night with a girl I met on a night out. We weren’t seeing each other or anything but a few times we saw each other out we ended up going back to hers. The morning after the most recent night she had gone to a lecture which was fine, as I usually just let myself out. Before I left my stomach was really hurting so I went to use her toilet. Once I had done my business the toilet would not flush. I kept yanking at the chain but the water just kept rising until it hit the top. The contents then overflowed out of the toilet with water and the remains of last night’s kebab on her bathroom floor. I panicked and ran out her flat. I saw her the other day and she completely blanked me.

Malika Birmingham City University

My worst experience was when I went over to a lads place after a Saturday night out. He looked about twenty four, a bit more mature than my normal type. We pulled up outside a house and I was quite impressed when he said he owned it. We got inside and all I saw were pictures of him and children. I asked if they were his nephews and nieces and he laughed and said, “No, they’re all my kids”. There were eight children in total by three different women. I asked him how old he was and if he was with any of the children’s mothers and he replied, “I’m thirty four and yes my wife is in London with our two children.” I swore at him and ran out the house.

So, here’s a piece of advice. Be careful when you’re on a night out, there’s no problem with having some fun but be responsible and be aware of what you are getting yourself into!
Amrit Pnaiser