Ahh, Freshers. You’re young, you’re away from your parents and you’re living with strangers. It’s a time of your life you’ll never forget. But for all of us, there will be just a couple of moments we remember more than the rest… We did a little investigative work and unearthed a few gems!

“Turning our mate into a sandwich. A layer of bread beneath him, jam and peanut butter on top of him and then another layer of bread on top.” – Sam

“Running around campus wearing a mankini.” – Yousef

“Decorating my sleeping flatmate with pizza on his face and shaving foam in his hands.” – Aaron

“Going to a choir audition really hung over and couldn’t speak. Was told to go home and come back next week.” – Laura

“Seeing a muscular guy trying to get into a bin and failing whilst shouting, ‘I can’t fit this much protein into a bin’.” – Rachel

“Urinating the bed naked.” – Ollie

“Finding my flatmate naked in a bush after a night out.” – Ellie

“Going skinny dipping in a lake and security turning up with the full beams on!” – Emma

“Pulling within 5 minutes of going to my first union night with the chat up line – ‘How’s about it then?’”
– Jess

“A group of us sliding down hills in bin-liners.” – Ran