The Student Pocket Guide editorial team, Nathan Wadlow and Stuart Robinson, discuss their top ten tunes which have been playing in the office throughout November. Who do you think has chosen best?

Disclosure Feat. Sam Frank – Latch

Stu: ‘Latch’ is one of the Lawrence brother’s catchiest tunes, and while it’s a little different from their previous work, it shouldn’t take long to grow on you.

Flume Feat. Jezzabell Doran – Sleepless

Nathan: A friend of mine travelling in Australia told me about how this guy is smashing it over there, even keeping One Direction at bay in the charts! At just 19 years old, the sounds of this electronica DJ are slowly but surely crossing the channel.

The Cribs – Come on, be a No-One

Stu: Taken from their brilliant fifth album ‘In the Belly of the Brazen Bull’,The Jarman brother’s recent UK tour had this classic straight back on our stereo.

Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen

Nathan: I like Ellie Goulding purely for the fact she is so different to many of the young female artists regularly associated with the charts. This new hit single has reaffirmed these thoughts, and reminds me of a modern Annie Lennox.

Bastille – Of the Night

Stu: Bastille has brilliantly mashed up two tracks that I’ve never been a fan of and created something amazing. Our recent interview with Bastille has put this one back on our playlist this month.

Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)

Nathan: Hailed as the ‘Saviour of Hip-Hop’, it was only a matter of time before people started taking serious note of this guy. A massive tune, which has recently reached 4th spot in the UK charts.

Roses Gabor – Stars

Stu: Roses vocals are a perfect match for the beats and bass in ‘Stars’, and this track has been on repeat a lot over the last month.

The Staves – Facing West

Nathan: The Staves are an amazingly talented sister trio who I came across for the first time on Later… with Jools Holland. They have supported Bon Iver across the world, and it’s not suprising when you listen to this track.

TNGHT – Higher Ground

Stu: Absolute party anthem. This collaboration between Hudson Mohawke and Lunice has resulted in a stupidly fun track which is sure to put you in a good mood every time.

Fossil Collective – On and On

Nathan: Fell in love with ‘On and On’ the instant Fossil Collective started playing it for us during this acoustic session for SPGtv. Great bunch of guys who deserve thier growing recognition.