Music plays a big part of most peoples lives; from waking up to the radio, to jamming on public transport to your favorite artists, music is everywhere. With over 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is currently the biggest distributor for music videos in the world, and among this are some of the best cover versions around. YouTube is a great way for musicians to showcase their talent, so from amateurs to professionals, rock bands to choirs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cover versions on YouTube.

1.) Alyssa Bernal – Diamonds

Alyssa takes on Rihanna’s hit with a beautifully performed acoustic version of the song. Alyssa makes many YouTube videos with her guitar, taking on chart hits such as Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’.

2.) Lips Choir – Sweet Dreams/Seven Nation Army

Perhaps not the songs you would choose to perform in a typical choir harmony, but these song choices re-invent the traditional idea of a choiral performance. This brilliant performance showcases some very different, but very awesome versions of the ever popular tracks.

3.) Boyce Avenue – Let it Rain

Boyce Avenue are becoming more and more well known in the music industry, and with their twists on chart hits, there’s no wonder why. The band combine Bruno Mars’ lyrics with a beat-boxing background to create an original version of this incredible hit.

4.) Pentatonix – We are Young

This cover involves five very different friends who combine their skills and voices to perform Fun’s, ‘We Are Young’. One member beat boxes through the entire song, making it nearly unrecognisable for those who don’t know the lyrics! Adding their own little spin on this song makes it different from all the other acoustic covers out there.

5.) Late Night Reading – Pumped up Kicks

This American band have taken Foster the People’s ‘Pumped up Kicks’ and turned it into a pop-punk track, completely changing its Genre and creating a very original take on the hit.

6.) Hannah Trigwell – Too Close

Singing an Acoustic version of the powerful Alex Clare hit ‘Too Close’, Hannah’s voice gives a pleasantly different perspective to this song.

7.) School Band Playing Rage Against the Machine

I know what you’re thinking; how can a Rage Against the Machine song be performed by a generic school band? Well prepare to be amazed, as a bunch of students use their instruments to create a head banging performance that you won’t have seen coming!

8.) Silence the City – Lego House

This New Zealand band turns Ed Sheeran’s hit into a rock ballad, which is just as emotional, but very different from the typical soft sounds heard from the singer-songwriter.

9.) The Ragtime Gals – It Wasn’t Me

Signing Shaggy’s classic ‘It Wasn’t Me’, along with US TV host Jimmy Fallon, this barber shop quartet takes the legendary lyrics and harmonises them epically! With a little rap included by Fallon, not only is this a great cover, but it’s hilarious to watch!

10.) Nic & Lilly – Best of You

The reason this cover is amazing is because it is performed by two 12 year old children. Nic has crazy guitar skills for such a young age, and has done well to take on a Foo Fighters classic. Well done kids!

Written by Huma Mian