In the Winter 2012/2013 edition of The Student Pocket Guide, we launched our brand new art feature, stART, aimed at exhibiting some of the great artwork by students studying around the country. After searching for Art students from around the UK who were eager to show off their work, the submissions started to pour in, and we were completely overwhelmed with the results!

While unfortunately we weren’t able to feature all of the brilliant artwork we received, we did pick out a few of our favorite pieces for this edition of stART which we felt showed off a variety of great artistic tallent which deserved to be seen.

To be in with a chance of having your artwork featured in the next edition of stART, email your name, age and university, a high resolution image of your work, and a description of the piece, to

Artist: Charlotte Roseberry
Institute: Edinburgh College of Art

Description: This small piece was a part of a larger collection of Charlotte’s work, which was concerned with graphic and bold aesthetics, but also how the paint and the material fuel the artists practice and paintings. Charlotte is interested in the idea of a sharp digital aesthetic created by hand; the juxtaposition of the real and the surreal, the here and the not here, as expressed in this painting. The process, and the way in which imagery can be used to create surreal narratives, are always the most important factors for Charlotte.

Artist: Sara Ljeskovac
Institute: Edinburgh College of Art

Description: Sara was inspired to work with an animal theme after visiting the National Museum of Edinburgh for the first time. The piece was made using fingerprints, and relates to how closely our DNA is linked to that of chimpanzees.

Artist: Bonnie Carswell
Institute: Birmingham City University

Description: The Four Leaved Clover is a direct observational drawing, using Karisma pencil. Bonnie started the piece by gridding it up and then drawing the outline of the leaves and stem.

Artist: Anya Stewart-Maggs
Institute: University of Leeds

Description: The words in the image are taken from The Duchess of Malfi, by John Webster. The quote relates to the misogynistic attitude towards The Duchess of her controlling brothers, the Duke of Calabria and the Cardinal of Aragon.

Artist: Lucy Henshall
Institute: University of Edinburgh

Description: Lucy was particularly focused on layering and creating a sense of depth that can be visualised in a gaze. The blue of the eyes are intended to grasp the attention of the viewer, which is then dragged across the canvas.