The Student Pocket Guide | Top 10 Transitional Essentials
Written by Sophie Coulson

It’s that time of year again when the days start getting longer with the sun making more regular appearances. Winter is slowly moving away and leaving us all awaiting the arrival of spring, and with this comes the undecided weather and difficult decision of what to wear when we leave the house in the morning! So, here are our top 10 transitional fashion essentials to help get you through to spring…

1. Sheer shirt
– Layered up, sheer shirts can look great and keep you warm. Wear underneath a thick knitted jumper with just the collar peeping through to maximise warmth or alternatively wear over a cami top when it’s a little bit warmer outside. They show just the right amount of skin and look great both day and night. Sheer shirts also work great as cover ups in the summer too; they really are the ultimate transitional piece.

2. Parka – Parkas have proven to be a hit throughout the years and still remain one today. They are the ultimate rain jacket, keeping you dry without compromising on style. Because of their ever increasing popularity, the high street has come up with a range of styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Places like River Island and Topshop sell super thick, long and often fur lined (fake of course!) styles which look great with big boots like Dr Martens for a grungy feel. Thinner and shorter styles can be found at places like H&M and Zara and toughen up a cute summer dress.

3. Ankle boots – Ankle boots are a great transitional piece to have and if you invest in a sturdy pair they will last you all year round. They keep your feet cosy and dry on those colder days with a pair of skinny jeans, but can be teamed with a summer dress when the sun does decide to come out. Ankle boots with a chunky heel are a great day to evening piece and work really well with skater dresses.

4. Tights
– Tights are a year round wardrobe staple, but they come into their own at this time of year. They are a bridge between your summer and winter wardrobe, allowing you to wear your favourite summer dress on days where the effects of summer seem far away. As well as keeping your legs warm, they can change the entire look of an outfit. For a classic retro look, pair some black seam tights with a pencil skirt and sheer shirt. Marks and Spencer do really good quality thick tights but if you’re on a budget supermarkets are a good point of call as they provide a good combination of quality and price.

5. Blazer – Perfect for nights out when it’s a bit chilly outside and they go with almost any outfit. They can be worn over dresses to keep warm or with jeans and heels to transform a classic daytime look into a winter perfect evening outfit. Being such a wardrobe staple they can be found everywhere on the high street, but if you feel like treating yourself Topshop is the place to go as they have a wide selection of classic styles along with more quirky and unique designs.

6. Thick cardigan – A thicker cardigan can not only act as a layering piece but also as a replacement for your coat when it’s not quite cold enough outside but still too chilly to go bare armed. It is worth shopping around for thick cardigans as they can very often be overpriced, so try places like Primark and Newlook or if you want a vintage feel to your outfit try scouring local charity shops. To make your outfits look more unique, find cardigans that have interesting textures and patterns on them, or you could even try customising them yourself replacing buttons and sewing on patches

7. Umbrella – An essential in every girls handbag as you never know when a sudden rain shower will strike, especially when it comes to British weather! Try to find one which is quite sturdy as there’s nothing worse than having to battle with an upturned umbrella in the wind and rain.

8. Midi dress –The midi dress is perhaps a less scary and more wearable alternative to the maxi dress. Newlook have really embraced the midi dress, offering a selection of colours and patterns, whereas online stores like Missguided and Boohoo are great for quirky designs and cheaper prices. The fit to go for is bodycon as it suits any height and doesn’t swamp you with fabric or make you look shapeless. Ones with ¾ length sleeves will not only keep you warmer but also emphasise the thinnest part of your body (the waist). Throw a chunky jumper over the top for a casual day time look or a pair of wedges on a night out.

9. Turn up jeans – Every girl should have a few great pairs of jeans in their wardrobe; they are a great starting point to base your outfit on. As soon as the sun comes out there is the temptation to throw the jeans in the corner and put your favourite shorts on despite the deceivingly cold weather. Turn up jeans, or rolled up jeans, are great for this in between period, allowing you to still have some leg on show without freezing to death. Turned up skinny jeans are super easy to wear and can look surprisingly summery if worn with cute pastel shades. Turned up baggy and boyfriend jeans are really on trend and don’t look overwhelming if worn with sandals and a plain tee.

10. Scarf – Although scarfs may be a seemingly winter based piece, lighter cotton scarfs work well on days when it isn’t bitterly cold outside. As well as keeping you warm, they are a great way to accessorise an outfit and can be used to add texture and colour. They can be found really cheap in Primark – ASOS also have a great range of styles for all budgets. Like the sheer shirt, they can also be used as a cover up in the summer so can be used all year round.