Volunteer for Africa | The Student Pocket Guide

Volunteering should be a challenging and an immensely rewarding experience; beneficial to you the volunteer as well as the organization you wish to work for. But there can be pitfalls in the shape of unscrupulous agencies that charge large fees to find you a placement, and even bogus projects that don’t exist. The Volunteer for Africa eBook aims to help you avoid these pitfalls and guide you through the process of finding a project that suits your interests, whether that involves human welfare, animal conservation or environmental action…

The author is an experienced volunteer with an extensive hands-on knowledge of grassroots volunteer organizations in Africa. The organizations in this eBook have been selected not only because they offer free and reasonably priced volunteering opportunities, but also because the projects are seen as meaningful and worthwhile. Many of these are smaller, local organizations that rarely receive international attention. The author’s support for these organizations helps them tap into an international pool of potential volunteers. It also maximizes the benefits for local communities by ensuring as much money as possible reaches the grassroots level of society.

Whether you want to volunteer with animals, are seeking gap year or community service ideas, are interested in particular African countries (Kenya, South Africa, etc), or simply want to know about free volunteer work, the eBook provides a huge selection of volunteer opportunities to choose from throughout the African continent. You can see various examples on the Volunteer 4 Africa website and associated Facebook page.

As well as being an easy-to-use resource for anyone interested in volunteering in Africa, the eBook encourages philanthropic travel by providing the wish lists of voluntary organizations and charities. This gives travellers the opportunity to make a positive contribution to local conservation and community service programs by simply packing extra items in their luggage. Anyone can make a real difference the next time they travel by using their journey to deliver supplies to worthy causes in Africa.

The eBook is unlike any other volunteer travel resource guide in that it comes with some neat extras including free lifetime membership to the Volunteer 4 Africa website. This enables purchasers to get project updates at no extra cost and find out about new volunteer opportunities as they arise. Purchasers also have the satisfaction of knowing that this eBook generates funds for worthy causes in Africa.

So, if you want to launch yourself into the exciting, educational and life-altering world of volunteerism while contributing to a worthy cause without excessive fees, you need a copy of Volunteer for Africa. In essence, a one-stop shop for volunteers and responsible travellers interested in making a difference to Africa’s animals, its people, and the environment.