How to Make Your Student Accommodation a Bit More Homely | The Student Pocket Guide
by Sarah McLaughlin

Moving away to university is often the first time new students will live away from their parents. It can be pretty daunting to leave home, especially for a completely new city. Your old room will have amassed a collection of sentimental bits and pieces from the past 18 or so years, whereas university halls are a completely blank slate to imprint your own mark on. In your first year especially, you may need those home comforts to help you settle in whilst making new friends and learning how to look after yourself! If you’re a bit stuck on how to make your university accommodation more homely on a tight budget, then try out these top tips…

1. Keep It Clean

It’s surprising how much a messy house can affect your mood. You probably never noticed at home if you’re one of the 99.9% of people whose parents cleaned up after you.

Keeping your overflowing laundry basket under control is going to be much more welcoming to visitors and you’ll be happier to hang out in a room without mouldy plates and bowls!

2. Old Touches

Your family probably have tons of old bedding, lamps and decorative items that they store in the loft, ready to donate to charity. If anything takes your fancy, you could always give it a new lease of life in your new pad. Your parents will probably be glad to get rid of it!

This works on two levels; the things you take will remind you of home and you can have them for free. Hooray!

3. Charity Shop Chic

University cities often have an array of charity shops and vintage stores. They have a ridiculous amount of quirky items and things to make you smile, some of which are practically brand new! Your room will definitely have a unique touch, and you’ll get the feel-good factor from helping out charity at the same time.

Try pound stores or discount shops as well for fairy lights, 240w UFO high bay, led lights and lamps.

4. Supermarkets

If your student loan has just come in and you’re feeling a little bit flash, larger supermarkets normally stock home-ware or have separate home stores. These are great places to pick up cushions, throws and photo frames at low prices.

Some stores also have loyalty cards where you can earn points with each purchase. We all know points make prizes (or at least pennies).

Just remember, most rental agreements (and all student halls I know of) prohibit tenants from lighting candles. Still, they look pretty unlit too!

5. Photographs and posters

How to Make Your Student Accommodation a Bit More Homely

Posters can add a new dimension to your room…

Taking pictures of your family and friends with you to university is a great way to combat homesickness. They’ll undoubtedly cheer you up if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or lonely. Although it’s usually forbidden to stick things on your wall, you can buy pin-boards pretty cheaply, and make your own collage.

Also, you’re likely to be bombarded with promotional flyers for clubs, which are usually arty and eye-catching. There’s nothing stopping you using these as decoration either, and they’re totally free.

Sarah McLaughlin is a student writer from the GKBC Academy with a passion for home décor, fairy lights, and buying cushions of all shapes and sizes.