5 Things All Students Worry About | The Student Pocket Guide
by Harry Whiteman

We all worry about our grades. But we also worry about things that are much more important such as will we get that guy or girl we like, or is it OK to spend all my food money on fancy dress? So, here I’ve been extremely discerning and picked out five things ALL students worry about…

What should I wear?

Free from the restrictions of uniform and parental disapproval, you feel liberated – you can finally wear what you want! Except what you want to wear is so last year. Now you don’t have the money to buy the clothes you want, you’re stuck with bargain items, and you can’t possibly keep up with such high fashion trends on such low income. After a while, you begin to wish that humans hadn’t evolved so far as to need clothes, or education for that matter.

Will it feel weird returning home for the holidays?

As much as you found it a hard adjustment becoming more independent and resourceful at uni, returning home after acquiring these skills is even more difficult. Your parents haven’t changed one iota; they still order you around and baby you. You looked forward to coming home and being with the family but the feeling soon dissipates after… oh I’d say a day, maximum.

What if the messy guy is cooking tonight?

The Messy Guy is that guy (or girl) who got into uni despite a total lack of any practical skills. He cannot cook beans on toast, let alone the ambitious lamb tagine he is attempting tonight. You do have a rota, this is his night to cook, but why don’t we just go out today? Oh yeah, money. It’s time to bite the bullet and risk organ damage because there’s no way out!

How bad is missing lectures?

The once dreaded sound of the school bell to signal the end of a period would be like music to your ears at uni. Without it, you can’t keep track of where you’re supposed to go, and hangovers don’t help either. You formulated a rough timetable, but it’s lost under the mounds of work, and by the time you find it it’s semester 2 and you’ve got new classes to attend.

What if I bump into someone from back home… that I don’t like?

“Hey, you’re the guy from my old class! I copied off you in almost every test, remember? LOL!”. They may add you online, you may see them on campus, but wherever you see them, it’s bad news for you. You accept the friend request out of curiosity, or else they stop you in the street and then you’re done for. If you meet your ex-friend’s friends, it’s all downhill from there.

Is there anything that worried you during your time at university? Be sure to share, you’re not alone!

Harry Whiteman is a graduate who remembers all too well the perils of being a student. He now gets published through the GKBC Writer Academy to build up his portfolio of online publications.