Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton got ready for her big day in April 2011 by preparing her skin with a mask made of bee venom, celebrities have been turning to ‘nature’s botox’…

Although the Duchess was the first reported to use bee venom skin treatment, it’s since been revealed that celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow have become fans. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, apparently enjoyed a bee venom facial treatment at a salon and the media has picked up on bee venom skincare treatments as 2013’s beauty miracle cure. And with good reason!

Bee venom essentially fools your skin into feeling like it has been stung, causing proteins to react in such a way that your skin looks smoother, lines are lessened, scars faded and skin feels plumper, younger and healthier.

As is usually the case with celebrity supported or endorsed “miracle” skin care ingredients, it’s generally only available from exclusive, luxury brands at high end prices. That might be OK for celebrities and royalty, but it’s not so easy for most of us to afford those kind of prices when it comes to our skincare routine. After all, when you’re talking about £150 for a moisturiser, that is usually out of most people’s price range!

However, there is now a version of bee venom skincare available on the high street and online for accessible prices. Manuka Doctor was the first brand to bring this kind of skincare to the UK High Street, using the expertise of eminent Korean scientist Dr Sang Mi Han. Dr Han is a researcher at South Korea’s National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and has published research that bee venom may boost the amount of keratinocytes – the skin cells that act as a barrier against bacteria, water loss and skin damage. Manuka Doctor have also patented a Bee Venom purification system, which ensures their bee venom is untainted by any pollen, bacteria or other outside bodies; something that doesn’t happen with all bee venom brands.

How to find reasonably priced high quality skincare

Manuka Doctor combines their expertise in Apitherapy and the utilisation of bee venom in their skincare ranges, with their Active grade 18+ Manuka Honey, which is known for its antibacterial, soothing properties. This combination of ingredients, along with various other naturally derived elements means every aspect of Manuka Doctor’s skincare products works on the areas you need it to work on. Whether you have oily skin that’s prone to blemishes or dry skin that needs an anti-aging treatment, Manuka Doctor has a product in the range that can help. Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea is just one celebrity who has found Manuka Doctor and credits it with transforming her skin.

Finding excellent quality anti-ageing skincare or skincare for blemish prone skin at prices that won’t break the bank is an on-going issue for many people. If you already have a favourite brand, whether it’s Olay, L’Oreal, Clinique or one of many others, then you could find that sites like cosmeticsfairy.co.uk are perfect for you. Offering branded products at cheap prices, cosmeticsfairy.co.uk stocks an absolutely massive range of skincare, hair products and cosmetics all at cheap prices, available to buy online. Delivery is free over £10 and it’s perfectly possible to find your favourite product massively reduced. With stock changing on a weekly basis, it could be one to bookmark!