Top 5 Meals When Money Gets Tight | The Student Pocket Guide
by Sage Fitzpatrick

We’ve all been there. It’s the week before student loans are paid and your kitchen cupboards are bare. And believe me it does not look pretty. But don’t despair. You won’t have to go hungry, as this list will give you food inspiration for when money is tight…

Beans on Toast: A student’s best friend. And always there in times of need. This small little tin sitting on the shelf can be a tasty and affordable way to eat. What’s more, they are a great source of fibre and protein. Most supermarkets sell own brand beans, so you don’t need to break the bank for this meal. And if you have any spare cheese or brown sauce, why not add that on top?

Soup: This is a hearty meal for any hungry student and so cheap to get hold of. You may not particularly enjoy the standard vegetable soup, but there are many types to savor. Chicken noodle, pea and ham, minestrone, pumpkin, asparagus, with croutons, without croutons, you name it – they pretty much have it. Own brand soups are also nice, but the bigger brands always have deals, so shop around and get experimenting. Just don’t forget the bread. You must never forget the bread.

Toasted Sandwiches: What’s not to love? They are quick, easy and they are so tasty. Your typical sandwich usually comes in the form of a cheese toasty.  But you can have many different varieties, depending on your budget and taste. One to suggest is tuna, red pepper and cheese. It is amazing. It is filling, includes a vegetable and also a source of protein. You don’t even need a toasty maker to make this meal. Just pop it into the frying pan with a little butter and you’re away.

Noodles: Another staple food for students. All you need to do is boil the kettle, add the noodles and flavouring and wait a few minutes. These are a really cheap meal and come in a number of shape and forms. In a pot or in a packet, chicken flavour, curry flavour – there is something for everyone. They also make for a great late night snack after a few too many beers down the pub.

Jacket Potatoes: A potato. A simple yet amazing vegetable. It can be mashed, fried, sautéed, baked and boiled. A jacket potato is the form that all students must befriend when times are tough. These can be a nutritious and filling meal, which does not even require anything more than butter if you please. But if you wish, adding beans, tuna, cheese or maybe a combination of the three can add a little extra to the dish.

And there you have it. Five simple, cheap and filling meals for a student with a lack of funds. And if none of the above takes your fancy you could try calling the parents…