Top 10 Items Used by Students to Replace Cutlery and Plates | The Student Pocket Guide
by Sarah McLaughlin

We’ve all ignored the washing up once in a while. You come home from a long day of lectures/studying/drinking with a rumbling tummy and the last thing you want to do is put on those marigolds and get scrubbing. So, what can you use as alternatives to plates and cutlery? Try these inventive tips…

Baking Trays
This has to be the easiest plating-up ever. Simply remove your tray from the oven and place it on your table (or lap, if you prefer). In fact, I’d suggest doing this even when you have the option of plates, just to save yourself some washing up in the future. Remember though, not whilst it’s still hot!

Chopping Boards
It does seem pretty pointless to use a plate if you’re already using a chopping board to make a sandwich or some other tasty snack. This is a cheeky way of keeping down the washing up without resorting to anything too unhygienic!

Kitchen Roll
Some students see this as a bit of luxury but if you have any around then it’s a perfect substitute for a plate. Obviously, some meals are completely incompatible with kitchen roll, such as cereal and soup, so have some common sense or face the messy consequences.

Paper Plates
Go into any pound store and you’re guaranteed to be able to get your hands on some paper plates and bowls. With these beauties, washing up is taken out of the equation completely, but try to recycle as much as you can to give the environment a little help.

Food Packaging
Make all that microwavable packaging useful by eating your meal out of it instead of instantly chucking it away. The plate will even be warmed up for you, so you’ll feel like you’re getting restaurant-quality service (kind of).

Junk Mail
Well, it’s hardly going to be useful is it? Unless it’s for a takeaway, of course!

If you’re in a rush at breakfast time and every piece of cutlery seems to be dirty, take the teaspoon challenge. Might sound feasible if you’re eating cereal, but it’s definitely trickier when trying to butter your toast.

Next time you’re at a Chinese restaurant, try and snaffle some extra chopsticks to take home. It definitely makes your beans on toast more challenging, but you get the satisfaction of knowing there’s no dirty cutlery afterwards!

Your Fingers
Step one: make food. Step two: pick up with hands. Step three: transfer to mouth. Easy!

Your Mouth
Take out the middle man completely and prevent getting greasy fingers. This works especially well with yoghurts, mousse and even pasta – anything goes as long as you approach it like it’s a drink. You might end up with most of it on your chin, but it’s definitely fun trying!I imagine that reading this post has either given you interesting alternatives to plates and cutlery or has made you feel so guilty about the mess that you’re already pulling on the marigolds. We can all let chores slip once in a while but remember it’s gone too far if you’re playing Jenga with dirty dishes.

Sarah McLaughlin is a student who will avoid scourers and Fairy Liquid at all costs, so she knows a thing or two about alternatives to crockery. She writes for GKBC.