The ideal student picture of summer is one where the holidays are used to their maximum fun potential, with plenty of hours spent outdoors enjoying the weather. Unfortunately, however, this cannot always be the case. Whether the heat gets to be too much, or the rain too heavy, inevitably there are passages of time that call for students stay indoors. In addition, there might even be a day where you are too hungover to be separated from your bed or the sofa. Should any of the above instances transpire, we have five excellent ways for you to kill time this summer…

Watching TV/Movies Online for Free

The internet is home to all manner of visual content that you can depend on for entertainment whilst spending time indoors. You can go to a free site and pick out that TV series or movie trilogy you have always meant to watch. When classes start back up again you won’t have the time to devote to such vegetation. Whether you want to experience Prison Break or find out what all the fuss was about with Lost, click here to find lots of different free TV shows and movies online.

Social Networking

All that studying might have forced you to cut back on all of the Facebook stalking that you used to enjoy so much during first-year, Use your free time wisely to go and critique hideous party outfits and questionable career choices – that information can serve you well during summer socialising and when catching up with old friends.

Reading Trashy Magazines

Textbooks and lecture notes may be intellectually stimulating, or so we are all told, but they are hardly the most exciting forms of literature. Now you can switch your written content over to trashy magazines which prioritise pictures over words – after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Mobile Gaming

In all honesty, you probably haven’t taken the time to really get to grips with your smartphone or tablet device. When travelling you might have arrived at your destination too early; in class you might have feared being caught out by your lecturer. Either way, take your mobile device and spend some quality time with it on the sofa. Download some exciting gaming apps or else give something like mobile bingo sites a shot. The bottom line is that you need to give the free app a chance because they won’t cost you a penny – save your money for having fun. You can even use betulator to calculate your returns for any type of bet you have placed.

Catching Up on Sleep

During a university semester it is almost inevitable that you will have suffered through a depressing schedule of early starts and late finishes. Summer-time is the prime opportunity to sleep until noon, provided you don’t have a demanding job, and try to eradicate any tiredness bags from beneath your eyes – catch up on that beauty sleep to be ready for all of the parties when semester starts again.

Any of the five methods above will be perfect to help you kill off any summer boredom, but hopefully you won’t need them too often.