Top 7 Student Friendly Stores | The Student Pocket Guide
By Sage Fitzpatrick

Becoming a student means a number of things. Hours spent in the library reading books and working on assignments. Partying at every available opportunity. And, taking advantage of student discounts. But some shops are not student friendly. They do not offer student discounts and probably never will. But let’s discuss the positives and talk about the student friendly stores that offer us some great deals throughout the year…

Two student friendly stores that most of you may know about already are Burton and Dorothy Perkins. Whether you are after an evening dress for your uni formal, or a jumper to keep yourself warm when your boiler packs in, you’ll always be entitled to a student discount (a long as you have a student card). And what’s more, during special events, both stores offer higher student discounts, meaning you get a lot more for your money.

Another great store for students is Superdrug. You may be a regular shopper there, picking up everything from make-up to cotton wool buds, or you may just pop in when you need to grab a quick present for a partners birthday. Whatever the reason, you’ll be given 10% student discount with a valid NUS Card.

Now, if you’re one for spending those spare coins on shoes then this next store is great for you. Office offer students a 10% discount too, so if your Vans are on their last legs and the soles are hanging off, just pop into your local store and grab yourself a bargain.

This next store is one that is sure to have been used by the majority of students – Amazon. This online store offers you everything from books and CDs to clothing and stationary. They offer students a 10% discount on clothing and a 5% discount on a number of items; just check their terms and conditions for full details.

Finally, a true student favourite, Topshop and Topman. These guys have a 10% student discount year-round with regular 20% off promotions as well. They also have huge seasonal clearances, meaning you can pick up heavily reduced items with the added bonus of getting a student discount on top of that. The perfect source to pick up the latest trends for a bit of bargain.