Top 5 YouTube Advertising Wins | SPGtv
by Michael Muttiah

Year-on-year advertising moves inexorably towards investing more heavily into the internet. Videos have never been so easy to access and share than they are today. With media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest, as well as easy sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google +, a viral video can literally make or break a large company’s advertising campaign with the weird and wacky to the technologically sublime…

If you want to learn about videos and video editing, checking out some successful viral videos is a great place to start. There are no hard and fast rules so here is my top 5 pick of this year’s best viral videos so far. Statistics provided from YouTube (Views) and Adweek (Shares).

1. Google ‘How It Feels [through Glass]’

Views: 21,436,476
Shares: 575k +
Google launched its new product ‘Google Glass’ with this technical presentation video of its various benefits and uses. Great editing along with amazing video made this a quick hit on the internet. A great example of smooth product presentation.

2. Ram Trucks’ ‘Farmer’

Views: 15,397,028
Shares: 1.8m +
Ram Trucks presented this video on the most expensive TV slot in the world: the Super Bowl ad break. Pulling on the heart strings of rural America, their use of a simple slogan and a breath-taking slideshow of images sucks you into this subtle product placement for their range of heavy duty vehicles.

3. Evian ‘Baby and Me’

Views: 58,295,467
Shares: 2.5m +
The Evian baby has been ground-breaking for Evian and has proved a massive viral hit for all of their videos. Cutting edge editing technology and 3-D imaging along with a great soundtrack means this has become a cult classic. A great example of a wacky idea presenting a product in a totally unique way.

4. Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’

Views: 55,569,684
Shares: 3.5m +
Dove’s sketches pull at your emotions and show great insight into the targeting of their demographic. A simple story told in a relatively basic video is sure to engage and draw you in this advert with deeper hidden meanings. Also, this video invites conversation and has proved a popular talking point among viewers showed through its incredible amount of sharing.

5. Kmart ‘Ship My Pants’

Views: 19,202,159
Shares: 2.7m +
A simple, witty slogan makes for an awesome advert. Going back to basics, Kmart’s quick product video had me in stitches and I have to say it’s my personal favourite. Sometimes there is nothing better than a quick pun and a large amount of product placement to get your video going viral.

The videos above are just a snippet of the vast array of truly quality videos that are easily accessible in today’s digital media. If you are thinking about getting into videos then be sure to get video editing experience. There is no right or wrong way to create an ad – ultimately the success of your video will be judged on how many views you get and how well you people talking and sharing about your video for days and weeks to come.

Michael Muttiah writes for GKBC. When not imagining what sunlight feels like, he can be found purring over Code and watching do-it-yourself YouTube videos.