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It seems that Steven Frayne, aka Dynamo, the street magician, is everywhere at the moment. Not only is his new series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible screening on the Watch channel, he was busy wowing festival goers last month by the Pepsi Max stage at the Yahoo Wireless Festival in London’s East End. There are a few video clips of him in action at the event, reading minds and performing card tricks, but this one here is a really cool trick that has British rapper Amplify Dot gasping in disbelief…

Dynamo somehow divides ice from Pepsi in two plastic cups, yet both cups remain in tact at the end. How did he cut the ice? No matter how many times you watch this video, even frame by frame, you cannot tell how it’s done. And as usual, he walks off leaving those who saw the trick shaking their heads in disbelief.

Pepsi and Dynamo Ice Cut

It was quite apt that Dynamo performed the trick for Amplify Dot, with both coming from humble beginnings. Steven Frayne comes from Bradford and began learning tricks from his Grandfather who used to perform them for free drinks in pubs. Amplify Dot, from South London, started her career with an unplanned performance at a Missy Elliott show in Brixton Academy aged just 13. From these beginnings, we now see Amplify signed to EMI with her career taking off big-time, whilst Dynamo is amongst the most famous magicians/illusionists/performers/entertainers of this millenium.

Dynamo’s unique talent is coupled with a down-to-earth, unassuming manner, that appeals to both celebreties and strangers on the street. In his latest TV series, he travels to South Africa and New York to name just two cities, and it’s great to see that the language of illusion and magic crosses boundaries so easily. The reaction on people’s faces is universal whether he’s performing on the margins of an East London Urban music festival, or the outskirts of a Johannesberg township.

Whether he’s doing spectacular stunts like levitating by the side of a london bus or walking across the River Thames, or doing more intimate performances backstage at a festival, his warmth and charisma always leave a good impression behind. He genuinely seems to love bringing a bit of joy and wonder into people’s lives. That’s why his teaming up with Pepsi Max is called “Live for Now”. It’s all about taking pleasure in the moment.

Now, time to watch this video and see if you can work out how he does it!:

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