Momondo: The Perfect Way to Plan Your Next Holiday | The Student Pocket Guide
by Nathan Wadlow

Finding cheap flights is one thing, let alone booking your ideal hotel or holiday rental to match. So when you come across a website that comprehensively deals with the above, offering fantastic usability with detailed information presented to you in a clean and concise manner as well, it feels like you have struck gold. When our editor came across Momondo, we felt we needed to share it with you…

As a former student and current young professional who loves to travel, Momondo is the perfect way to filter through the best options tailored for my needs. Generally speaking, these are at the lower end of the budget scale, which will more than likely be the case for the majority of students. Momondo in short is a meta search comparison site which basically means that when you search, for say your flight requirements, their spiders crawl the web and find the best deals available. They also cover hotels, car and holiday rentals, which rounds off a pretty tidy site. Without rambling on too much, here are the top three functionalities of Momondo that I particularly enjoyed:

Momondo Flight Search

Comprehensive flight search.

Having partnered with over 700 travel companies, Momondo extensively searches the internet to find the best flight options for you. Covering everything from airlines to travel sites, all of the major sources for short haul as well as long haul flights are looked into, plus they also have a very useful multiple destination option which many other services do not have – perfect for those considering a gap year/travelling. You can feel safe in the knowledge that everything that needs to be searched, has been, and that you aren’t neglecting an avenue that you would regret having not pursued.

Personalised results, ratings and insights.

These functionalities are highly impressive. Once details of where and when you wish to travel are entered, you will land on a results page like the one below. This page allows you to assess the options available to you in a little more depth, and tailor results more specifically to what it is you are looking for. The results page is automatically listed on the first of three tabs – ‘Price Calendar’. Here you can determine which are the cheaper and more expensive days to travel on and around the period of time you originally stated in your search.

Momondo Review

Momondo Price Calendar

The next tab option you have within the results in the ‘Best Fit Flights’. This where you can really tailor the results to suit you and help find the most convenient option.There are three sliders with multiple options that you can simply move to indicate what it is your are looking for. As you can see here, my preferences are low cost, departing in the morning and returning in the evening of my chosen days of travel. Options are then rated out of ten and displayed in order of the most suited to you.

The final tab is the ‘Flight Insight’. Here you can find out a little more about your chosen route. An array of information is presented to you including the cheapest airlines that fly to your location, the cheapest time of year to travel, and even the cheapest days of the week and airport to fly from. Very useful.

Customer based hotel and holiday rental reviews.

Momondo searches millions of hotel deals in over 120,000 destinations worldwide, guaranteeing the lowest prices possible. What’s nice about the way information is presented to you is that it is coupled with in depth user reviews, similar to those found on Trip Advisor. You are also given a number of room options for that hotel displayed on one page, which is very handy. FAQS for the hotel are also provided, including common questions such as, “What are the breakfast options?” and “Is parking provided?”. Hotels with numerous reviews also have a summary section which breaks down key information. All in all, the perfect way to find the right hotel matched with your flights.

Momondo Hotel Guest Reviews

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