Why Second Hand Shops Are So Great | The Student Pocket Guide
by Tom Rawlinson

Today we each have to battle with what should be everyday purchases due to the rising prices of almost every commodity. For students, who are already under financial strain due to high tuition fees and saturated employment opportunities, help is needed in order to make the most of time at university or college.

An increasingly popular method of saving money without missing out on much-needed fashion, gadgetry and the like is to visit second hand shops. Here’s just why they’re so brilliant…

Treasure Troves

One of the reasons second hand shops are so popular is that you never know what you might find. Many stores that sell second hand goods take anything offered to them, meaning they’ll have a whole range of varying products rather than selling a specific good or brand – and if you’re lucky, you might find a designer gem in with the lot!

Whether you are looking for a unique item for decorating your digs or a little something to wear which is ‘just you’, second hand shops are definitely worth a visit just to see if you can uncover that little something that you never knew you needed.

Be Charitable

Another great element of second hand shops is that many of them are run by large scale charities such as Oxfam and Barnardos. Although you may think there is a stigma attached to buying from a charity shop, in reality you are getting the best of both worlds.

For a start you are saving a great deal of money and it’s not unlikely that you will find high value, designer products. The second great thing about buying from a charity shop is that you are giving money to those who need it without compromising your own budget. If you need to purchase an item then how can you go wrong by getting a bargain and donating to charity at the same time?

Perfect for Students

Second hand shops, whether charity run or boutique, are perfect for students. As previously mentioned, they are ideal for the student budget but they’re also the place you’ll find everything you need for student life – probably because they’ve been donated by last year’s freshers who used to live where you do! If a fancy dress themed night out is approaching you are almost guaranteed to find the clothes you need at a second hand store – in fact, in many student cities charity shops have a special fancy dress rail just for you.

Whatever your reason for wanting to save a little extra money, second hand shops are ideal. I recommend you give shopping at a second hand store a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Author: Tom Rawlinson – A relative newcomer to volunteer blogging for the GKBC Academy, Tom currently studies History at the University of Sheffield. He has varied interests in technology, gaming and music and even cooking as well as being an aspiring author.